#ISSedu Twitter Chat: Hopes and Dreams 2019

What are your hopes and dreams for this new school year? On Tuesday, September 10, a network of international educators came together to kick off the first #ISSedu Twitter Chat of the year. The hour of conversation and encouragement was a great way to get to know the ISS network, swap resources, articulate goals for the 2019-20 school year, and just have a great time together.

There were so many wonderful contributions, conversation threads, and encouragement. Enjoy a small window into the chat highlights here! The questions are still open, as well as the related padlet for collecting shared resources helpful at the start of this school year.

Q1: Where in the world are you, and what do you teach? 

We started things off with a simple introductory question and heard answers from around the world. Educators and leaders from Dubai, Aruba, Peru, Brazil, US, Jordan, Cambodia, South Korea, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Bahrain jumped in. Gotta love this international education community! From there, we dove into the school year highlights and goals:

Q2: Share a fun or meaningful experience you had during staff orientation. What are you taking forward from it into this year?

Q3: What new initiative, idea, or curriculum are you hoping to explore this school year?


Q4: Give a hand to another educator in the chat. Look through the responses to Q3. What resources would you recommend they check out?

You can find resources and recommendations on the ISS padlet. And feel free to add your own, it’s still open! https://iss.education/padlet9-19

Q5: How do you plan to connect with the community beyond your school walls this year?


Q6: How can we as #issedu educators continue to collaborate this year? Recs of projects/people/initiatives to watch also are welcome!

Q7: Let’s think big picture! What are your hopes for your students this year? Dreams for yourself as an educator?

Q8: What do you want to chat more about this year with your fellow educators?
To close the hour, we asked participants to help us choose the focus of next months chat. The poll is still open for a few days, so vote to let us know what you’d like to talk more about the next time we all get together on #ISSedu.
Thank you to all who joined to start this year off with this family of global educators. Remember, the prompts and padlets are still open for responding to at any time, so we’re looking forward to hearing from you! Have an amazing start to your school year.


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