Co-teaching: #ISSedu Twitter Chat

Co-teaching involves building strong multi-teacher collaborative relationships that support and leverage the capabilities of learners with intentionality. We were thrilled to explore the topic at the April #ISSedu Twitter Chat:

We're still thanking Nicky Bourgeois (PYP teacher at NIST International School in Bangkok) for her help coordinating this conversation! A strong believer in developing shared pedagogy, Nicky views her students as competent, creative, and curious learners, and draws on her extensive classroom experience to also support international educators in their professional learning. We're grateful for her help brainstorming the questions, her engagement and support of other international educators during the chat, and all the great work she continues to do in international education. 

As with every archive of these #ISSedu chats, we wish we could include every post and thread everyone shared. Still, we think this co-created resource of highlights from the chat give a great little window into the wisdom and encouragement shared. Enjoy!

Q1: The term co-teaching has a variety of forms and intentions – what does it mean in your context?

Q2: What are some of the tangible benefits of co-teaching or co-planning?

Q3: Who could be considered a potential co-teacher in your context?


Q4: What are some useful strategies that support co-planning or co-teaching?

Q5: Successful co-teaching can be significantly dependent on the quality of the team’s relationship. What do you pay attention to in order to foster positive relationships?

Q6: What are some online resources that can assist with co-teaching?

Q7: How can you build capacity in others to be effective co-teachers?


Q8: Where do you see potential opportunities for developing co-teaching in your context?

Thank you to all who joined to explore co-teaching with the wonderful #ISSedu family of global educators.

We look forward to the next chat — in the meantime, remember, the prompts are still open for responding to at any time. Keep the discussion going!

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