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School Supply

School Supply Patterns

Over the years, the ISS School Supply has learned that every item a school chooses to order -- or chooses not to order -- tells a larger story. Since ISS School Supply is flooded with thousands of supply orders from schools around the world every year, our team is in a prime position to observe how trends in education come, go, and sometimes come again.
keith1.pngFor example, we’ve seen orders for classroom library supplies take off in the early 2000s and settle into a school norm now. We’ve also noticed that almost everyone is using Everyday Math in their primary schools, and that PE/athletics uniforms, musical instruments, and consumable art supplies are never out of fashion. However, our big textbook anthology orders are being replaced with more subscriptions to digital services and resources.

keith2.pngTechnology purchasing-trends change rapidly; five or six years ago, smartboards were all the classroom rage, while this year, our warehouse is instead filling up with drones. We are seeing more tablets for primary aged students and more schools investing in Chromebooks for classroom laptops. Of course, even in the relentlessly evolving landscape of technology, there are some perennial favorites: Lego robotics kits continue to both educate and entertain students around the world, and the TI 84 Graphing Calculator is still a classic high school staple.

Where are we headed?

Early interest for the 2016-2017 school year suggests we will be purchasing more furniture designed to easily create flexible and dynamic learning environments. We have also seen an increase in hardware that enables artificial intelligence, which in the hands of young learners around the world, maybe will outsource our jobs one day! Until then, Keith and the team will keep handling these orders and listening to the stories they tell.

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