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International schools can transform students and communities in unique and beautiful ways. That’s amazing! And that’s why, as the nonprofit leader in international education, we’re dedicated to supporting and developing all aspects of a strong, vibrant school.

Where is your journey headed? We connect educators and schools to international teaching jobs and leadership roles; source essential school supplies; and conduct accounting functions for schools. As passionate life-long learners, we thrive in creating professional development opportunities for educators and supporting meaningful community dialogue. We start and manage international schools, which means that we continue to live, breathe, and be engaged in today’s international school environment.

International education is key to a more connected and compassionate world. For over 60 years, our mission has been uniquely focused on helping international schools and educators develop students into thoughtful, imaginative global leaders. We are honored to be a part of building a global community and part of this wondrous world. Together, we can make a world of difference.

Recent News and Posts

A More Global Perspective

One of the priorities of ISS’s strategic plan is embracing a more global, rather than overseas American, perspective. In May, President Liz Duffy led a design thinking workshop at the Level 5 Creativity and Innovation Hub in China. The focus of the two-day workshop was on designing equitable schools for students, faculty and staff. Read More »

Puzzles, Stories, and Show & Tell: Teaching Students the Language of Thinking

Reading is problem-solving. Lifting the ink from the page of a book and transforming those black dots and squiggles into thoughts? Miraculous problem-solving! Making sense of the recorded words of another person? Complete brain fireworks show of interpretations and resolutions! Read More »

Artists in the LEVEL 5 House

Announcing the new Artist in Residency Programme at LEVEL 5 in collaboration with International Shenzhen Artist Forum (ISZAF). LEVEL 5 China Director Tosca Killoran discusses this exciting new program in her latest blog post. Read More »