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Meet the Team

Laura Light

Director, Global Recruitment

I would like to welcome you to ISS. I am in charge of all aspects of the Global Recruitment Department, from encouraging new candidates to join ISS, to assisting the hundreds of schools we work with in finding qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. In addition to those roles, I organize all of our annual recruiting fairs. I also travel to various universities throughout the United States where I give seminars to new teachers considering working and living overseas, and I have also led sessions in Women in Leadership.

Every school is different, and every candidate is unique. The trick is to create a system that allows schools and candidates to showcase what makes them a great choice. It’s all about the match.

As a former teacher – one who spent much of her career teaching overseas – it is a real pleasure to work with International Schools Services. After graduating from Clemson University in South Carolina, I landed a job at the American School of Kuwait – and my life took off from there! While I have lived and worked in a few places in the United States during my career (one year in San Diego and three years in Portland, Oregon), my life has revolved around the schools my current job now assists. I taught at the Carol Morgan School in the Dominican Republic, Escuela Americana in El Salvador, Singapore American School, Southbank International School in London, and at the United Nations International School in New York, NY. It has been quite a ride! And, I am excited to say that the ride continues. Working for ISS is a dream job. My personal life revolves around my family, running and working out when I can, and – of course – travel!

There have been many highs, probably too many to mention, but it is certainly due to my life in these schools that I can say how lucky I have been to see this wonderful world we live in. And I love to share the experiences with those considering working abroad – so reach out to me if you have any questions!

Megan Chin

Global Recruitment Coordinator/ Assistant Technology Coordinator

I’ve always loved the idea of connecting with people from around the world, and that is something that ISS is doing. While I process candidates, I also serve as the Assistant Technology Coordinator. This means that I am working with our wonderful IT department and Megan S. in making sure that our database, events, and processes for helping candidates find their next adventure run smoothly. If you ever have a question about our Candidate Dashboard or website, I’ll be there to help! I look forward to working with everyone and taking the steps towards their next adventure!

ISS stands to help global education and continue to learn from groups around the world. I love working with ISS, because only a few months ago I was working with international student as a Resident Advisor (RA) at Rider University. During my time as a RA, I was able to meet so many different people from around the world that taught me many things and have become very important friends to me. It is because of those connections that I have chosen to work with ISS and give back to the global education community.

I am the youngest member and second Megan of the Global Recruitment Team. I graduated from Rider in May of 2017 with a BA in English and minors in Psychology and Global Studies. I have travelled to China, specifically Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai; and enjoy learning about other cultures and languages. I am also a bit of a nerd with expert knowledge in Marvel comics, and other franchises, and have a love for Korean pop music (namely SHINee, BIG BANG, and KARD).

Christina Eberhardt

Global Recruitment Coordinator and Content Editor, ISS Directory

I strongly believe one never stops learning and having a great education from early childhood onward generates a foundation which one can build upon. I am very proud to be a part of ISS which facilitates this growth and look forward to sharing the knowledge and resources of this wonderful organization with you! The world of international education is continually growing and the international education community brings it all together! Join us at our recruitment events where you can connect with administrators and educators from around the world.

I am here to help you through the exciting adventure of international recruitment. Don’t hesitate to say hello at an event or give me a call. I look forward to helping international educators share their knowledge and experience across continents!

Tajuan Hardee

Global Recruitment

It’s great being part of the Global Recruitment Team. My daily routine consists of answering candidate’s questions, as well as processing the hundreds of candidates seeking new positions through ISS. You may also see me at many of the ISS recruiting fairs busy welcoming candidates, advising them on the best way to obtain interviews and discussing which schools have vacancies that match their qualifications. I am also in charge of setting up the ballroom for interview sign-up. I look forward to working with you all.

The world is a pretty big place. Over the years at ISS I have learned a lot about places I never even knew existed. That has been really exciting. I love the fact that I get to be part of bringing that excitement about in our candidates.

Working with ISS has truly been a dream job. I’ve always wanted to work at a job where I will be able to help others. After graduating from college I began working at the "Young Scholars Institute", a nonprofit year-round learning center for Trenton-area children in Grades K-12. That is where I first realized how challenging being an educator can be, but I also learned that helping a child learn is one of the best feelings in the world. So I was ecstatic when I had the opportunity to work at ISS and help many educators from all over the world find jobs with schools all over the world. This is part of the reason that I look forward to coming to work every day. Outside of work I enjoy jogging, weightlifting and basketball.

Loredana Lipari

Advertising, Global Recruitment and School Supply Coordinator

Hello! I started my career with International Schools Services in January 2002. I currently have a few different roles with the Advertising, Global Recruitment and School Supply departments. In Advertising, I communicate and work with the school’s marketing teams to collect and coordinate the ads to be published within the various ISS publications including NewsLinks and the School Supply Supplement. As a member of the Global Recruitment Team, my main focus is helping candidates search for the overseas job of their dreams. Providing excellent customer service is of utmost importance to me along with supporting and encouraging candidates in their quest for working in the world of international education.

In School Supply, I purchase a wide range of supplies for my international client schools including textbooks, furniture, gym equipment, musical instruments and technology equipment. I am also responsible for the logistics of shipping the supplies to their respective schools, which includes the coordination and organized planning of the shipments to ensure timely delivery of the instructional materials at the international destination.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of a world-renowned organization such as International Schools Services, which has served the international education community for over 60 years. It is a great privilege for me to have a place in making this connection.

As a first generation American, it is wonderful to be able to work and correspond with people on a daily basis from all over the world. I graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. I am also fluent in Italian and studied Spanish for three years along with international business relations. I am always interested in learning about different cultures and their respective traditions and have travelled to Europe several times. Outside of work, my interests include going to the beach, bike riding, travel, gourmet cooking and photography.

Lisa Lupico

Global Recruitment Coordinator and Compliance Coordinator

Hi there. My name is Lisa and my career with International Schools Services began over 9 year ago working in the Foundations and Compliance Departments. I now have a dual role as ISS’s Global Recruitment/Compliance Coordinator. As a Global Recruitment Coordinator, I help candidates build their ISS profile to obtain their dream job overseas. I look forward to attending ISS Job Fairs and meeting candidates in person!

My interest in education and the international community began when I had a temporary staff position at a school prior to adopting my son from Ukraine. I found it fascinating to be part of a learning environment, answering questions from parents and providing information to students to help them achieve their goals. Once my son adjusted to his new life in the United States, my first job back in the work force was with ISS. It has been a wonderful journey working with so many international schools and learning about various cultures, customs and diversity.

A few fun facts about me – My son is now in college, I enjoy watching baseball & football, spending time with my loved ones at the Jersey shore and I’m a diehard Bruce Springsteen fan!

Anna Santori

Global Recruitment and Candidate Coordinator

Hello! My name is Anna. I have been part of the Global Recruitment Department for ten years. In my time here at ISS, I have worn many hats from Candidate Registrar to IB Workshop Coordinator to Administrative Search Coordinator to School Supply and Staffing Specialist and finally Global Recruitment and Candidate Coordinator. In my current role, I am responsible for coordinating outreach to our candidates, and ensuring that they are promoted in the best possible light. The most interesting and rewarding part of my position is that I have an opportunity to interact with many educators from around the world, support them in their search and see them succeed!

On a personal note, I was born and grew up in Poland. After moving to the United States, I attended Rutgers University where I earned degrees in French and Accounting. As part of my French degree, I was fortunate to complete a one-year study abroad program at the University Francois Rabelais in Tours. This was truly a wonderful experience I enjoyed tremendously. Prior to joining ISS, I worked as an export analyst, accountant, ESL teacher and K-12 test evaluator and trainer for a global education organization. I am a great believer in education and its power to transform the lives of many children – they will be the ones to make the world a better place. Outside of work, I like gardening, experimenting with new recipes and listening to Polish and French radio stations to stay attuned to what is happening outside of the United States. I am also a new mom and love playing with my daughter Olivia.

Megan Skrobacz

Technology and School Membership Coordinator

Hi there, my name is Megan! Like many of us on the team, I’ve held a lot of roles at ISS over the years, such as a Candidate Coordinator and the Managing Publications Editor for the annual ISS Directory of International Schools. Currently I’m the School Membership Coordinator for the Global Recruitment Team, and that means it’s my job to assist the hundreds of schools that recruit through ISS with any of their hiring needs, in addition to bringing on new schools to the ISS family. I am also the Technology Coordinator for the department, responsible for making sure we're up to speed with the latest technology trends and equipment - and that our recruiting systems serve you best!

I love being able to help both our teachers and our international schools, so this is definitely a dream job for me!

A little bit about myself: I was born and raised on the Jersey shore in central New Jersey. At my first job as an assistant manager of a sweet shop, I was introduced to the world of global employment when the owners instituted a program to hire international seasonal workers. I loved having the ability to interact with so many different cultures at once, and this was a passion that I carried with me to my college career at the University of Richmond. Majoring in International Relations and Spanish, I had my mind set on entering a field where I could work with people all around the world. While at Richmond, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Lima, Peru, and my time there spent volunteering to aid impoverished peoples really solidified my desire to also enter a career where I could help people every day. I graduated Cum Laude from Richmond and entered the workforce at a staffing agency, placing healthcare professionals into homes and medical facilities where they were needed. The skills I acquired at that job definitely carry over into my position here! I love working for ISS and can’t wait to continue my career in international education. Outside of the office you can probably find me hanging out with friends, lounging on the beach, traveling, or taking a stroll somewhere in the woods.

Allyson Wilcox

Global Recruitment and School Supply

As a School Supply and Staffing Specialist, I assist in the Global Recruitment Department as a Candidate Registrar and in the School Supply Department as an Educational Account Representative. In Global Recruitment, my main task is to help candidates in all aspects of their quest to find teaching and administrative positions overseas. Whether that be by processing candidates and helping build an ISS Profile that is as complete and outstanding as possible, answering the many questions candidates have along the way, helping out at the IRC events, or sending out candidate dossiers to schools to start those connections to try to ensure a perfect fit, I am always willing and eager to provide the best quality customer service that I can. In the School Supply Department, my main tasks are to process thousands of orders for school supplies from various schools overseas and coordinate the shipping of these supplies to the schools. It’s truly exciting for me to be able to help out both teachers and students, and I’m glad I have the opportunity to do so on a daily basis.

The way that ISS has impacted so many lives all around the world is absolutely awe-inspiring to me; it’s almost unfathomable to think about how much ISS has done to help teachers and students and improve the world of overseas education since 1955.

I’ve always been intrigued by education, international relations, travelling and foreign languages. Throughout my educational career, I’ve taken 10 years of Spanish, 4 years of French, and one year each of Latin, German, and Italian. Though my degree ultimately ended up being an English degree, I have always enjoyed learning about the world around me, and my language experience comes in handy quite often. I’ve travelled to 11 different countries and 40 out of 50 U.S. states. Outside of work, I enjoy biking, hiking, camping, canoeing, gardening, and anything outdoorsy.

Ashley Wotowey

Administrative Search & Global Recruitment Coordinator

I just love being a part of the ISS family! Along with the Global Recruitment Team, I help candidates in their job search with ISS. Looking for a new employment opportunity can be challenging and frustrating; it is so important to me to come alongside and help you every step of the way. My family works in education overseas so I know what it is like to move and live abroad, and I hope to use that knowledge to help you through the process. I also work as the Administrative Search Team Coordinator, supporting Dr. Beth Pfannl and Mr. David Randall as they lead global searches to fill high-level administrative positions worldwide. Along with the Global Recruitment Team and ISS, I am so excited to help you realize your dreams of working overseas and discovering new cultures.

I am a Colorado native and received my degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Colorado. Go Buffs! My favorite game is how many stamps can I get in my passport! I've explored so many places but my top 3, for now, would have to be UAE, Turkey, and Japan. Through my travels, I have had the opportunity to discover the beauty of the world and create a deep understanding of how significant and extraordinary it is to experience the world through travel and education. When I am not working or traveling I am out hiking with my dogs and fiancé or fly fishing on a quiet stream.

Dana Zarrello

Global Recruitment Team Coordinator & Event Coordinator

Hello and welcome to the ISS Community! I can’t tell you how much I love my job and the people I get to connect with on a daily basis. ISS is not just a recruiting organization but a global family of like-minded educators who are changing the world. As part of the Global Recruitment Team, I am here to be your cheerleader and support system throughout the recruiting process, which can be a real roller coaster ride. Job searching is rarely a fun task, but year after year we see ISS alumni return to us when they are seeking their next adventure – we are passionate about what we do and I think that shows!

Over my years at ISS I've worn a number of hats. For four years I supported our Administrative Search team and loved every minute. These days, in addition to being in Global Recruitment, I am also the ISS Event Coordinator. I take great pride in making sure that each of our international recruiting conferences is the event of the season!

Before joining ISS I was a teacher myself! I studied French at Rutgers University and was fortunate to have had the chance to study abroad in Paris. I taught for 5 years before deciding to explore the world of education outside of the classroom. Always a bit of a gypsy, I enjoy taking off to travel as often as I can. I’ve hiked and biked my way around Eastern and Western Canada, down the west coast of the US, through England, Scotland, Wales, France, Greece, and all over New Zealand. I am always planning my next trip, although these days it has to be somewhere I can take my two active pups! I’m a big believer in travel as a way to connect people, create lasting friendships and cross-cultural understanding; and just generally make the world a better place!

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