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Creating and Maintaining an Effective School Board

Since 1955, ISS has been helping schools to create productive Boards that effectively govern their educational bodies. Excellent schools have boards that work in concert with the school administration to offer a quality program for all students. ISS offers a wide variety of governance services that can be customized to fit the needs of any school.

Breadth of Expertise

The full experience of ISS addresses and supports all facets of school operations. ISS can offer a multifaceted perspective to boards seeking to improve the way they function. Having been involved in more than 100 startup operations, we know how to help schools establish governance structures that meet their needs as they evolve.

Our Reputation

ISS is known as the premier provider of comprehensive services to schools with a global mindset. Since we are a non-profit entity, our mission is to assist schools to be the best they can be. As the only provider of comprehensive services to overseas schools, we can offer a unique range of insights into total school operations.

Board Effectiveness

An effective school Board and the relationship between the Board and leadership is critical to every school’s success. Whether the challenge is leadership transition, improving governance structure and operations, or communications, our experienced leadership can help guide your team.

Benefits of ISS Governance Program

Boards that work with ISS benefit from our breadth of experience. Our trainers are experienced and internationally recognized educators who bring a high level of expertise and commitment to the training/consulting engagement All have decades of experience in leadership roles in international schools, resulting in training that is practical versus theoretical, interactive and collaborative.

Available Services

Boards may select from one or more of the following topics:

  • Governance roles and responsibilities and those of the School Head
  • Relationship development, team building and board etiquette
  • Increasing the capacity of the Board to perform its fiduciary, strategic and generative roles
  • Advancing the Board’s effectiveness from good to great

Other tasks that may be customized to the needs of the Board and School:

  • Establishing an initial Board and a governance model
  • The role of the Board and school head in risk management and aversion
  • Both the Head’s and the Board’s performance assessments and renewals
  • Establishing, charging and effectively utilizing Board sub-committees
  • Strategic planning as an essential process
  • Accreditation seminar to prepare for school improvement and student advancement
  • Succession and leadership continuity planning
  • Establishing and building an endowment and capital campaign

Getting Started

  • 1 Send your inquiry to ISS via the contact form
  • 2 An ISS consultant will respond to the inquiry to determine the specific needs of the school and its board
  • 3 A dialogue will begin between consultant and board to develop a plan that meets the needs of the particular school
  • 4 A contract is signed and project plan developed
  • 5 On-site training is provided by an ISS consultant or consultants
  • 6 Follow up services are provided

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What's Next

A client can expect to be engaged in an ongoing relationship with ISS.  We understand that our outstanding reputation is one of our most important assets. We work hard to ensure that our clients become lasting partners in improving the quality of education in our global schools.

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