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Finding Wealth in Knowledge

In today’s environment of increased accountability, international schools often need support in handling payroll, payment processing and receiving donations. When schools do not have the time or expertise required to manage these processes effectively, ISS Non-Profit Accounting and Foundations Management can step in with comprehensive services like US-incorporated non-profit 501(c)(3) entity set-up, financial accounting, administrative consulting and board management support to keep your school running smoothly.

Our Value

ISS Non-Profit Accounting and Foundations Management has faithfully served schools around the world since 1968. Managing a school is no easy task, but our years in the business lend us the expertise in international school foundation management, allowing us to help schools take full advantage of a U.S.-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation standing – all at a lower cost than standard accounting rates.

Our Promise

The ISS Foundation Department is committed to providing reliable financial services and to helping schools comply with existing policies and procedures. We are dedicated to delivering specialized services in a timely manner, while effectively maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity.

Our Innovation

To best assist schools in a quickly changing world, we continually add to our wide and colorful array of services. ISS currently works alongside approximately 50 school non-profit organizations around the world, and we are always more than happy to tailor service packages to meet a foundation's specific needs.

Services We Offer - An Overview

  • Establishment of a 501(c)(3) organization with the IRS
  • Accounting services, including donation receipting and accounts payable
  • Board management (required for all non-profits) and support
  • Annual tax filings, including 990s and W2s

  • Setup of online donations
  • Service as a legal liaison for completion of corporate documents
  • Cash management and investment services
  • Grant application and grant writing

Key Benefits

We are dedicated to helping your community grow and maximize its potential. Across three main benefit areas, establishing a U.S.-based nonprofit status with us can:

Benefit Your Personnel

  • Attract and retain talented educators
  • Offer safe and reliable, U.S. based Direct Deposit payroll processing
  • Allow U.S. employees to participate in U.S. Social Security & Medicare
  • Cover employees with Unemployment Insurance or Workers Compensation

Support School and Governance

  • Administrative Support & Governance
  • Accounting services
  • Preparation & filing of annual tax forms
  • Access to U.S. Banking and investment accounts
  • Fundraising consultation and management
  • Corporate and individual donations are tax deductible

Develop Your Future

  • Enhance school's development plan
  • Build support and long term commitment for your school

"ISS Foundation Management is responsible for the payroll of EARCOS' office staff deductions required by a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and all filings with the U.S. government.  Many thanks for taking care of us who are so far from the U.S.A." - Richard T. Krajczar, Ed.D., Executive Director, EARCOS

Services We Offer: A Closer Look

From startup to ongoing management, ISS is there. We prepare and process forms, provide expert administrative services, and in an environment of complex and delicate policy, we act as a constant companion through all your concerns.

Foundation Establishment Support

  • Complete strategic plans for establishing a 501(c)(3) organization
  • Liaison with state & IRS for legal set-up
  • Develop a Mission Statement
  • Identify a Board of Directors
  • Create by-laws
  • Incorporate the Foundation

Board Management Services

  • Facilitate all required Foundation Board actions to maintain Tax Exempt Status
  • Report to Board on the state of your foundation and its finances

General Operations Provided

  • Foundation Incorporation and Management
  • Payroll Management and Processing
  • Tuition Management and Processing
  • Accounting and Audit Management
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Development Services
  • Grants Management Services
  • Bank Account Management
  • Cash and Reserves Management
  • Retirement Plans and corporate benefit administration
  • Health, Life and Disability Plans, including administration

Getting Started

Contact ISS for information about establishing non-profit foundations, financial accounting and board management services.


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