Women's Symposium

The Mary Anne Haas Symposium has been held at the Chauncey Center in Princeton, NJ, USA in recent years and is supported through a generous grant from the Office of Overseas Schools at the US Department of State, as well as key sponsors.


Annual attendees usually include about 30 women leaders from international schools in nearly 20 countries. These women join a dynamic alumnae group of nearly 400 women, who have served as mentors, peer advisors, and motivators for a much larger cohort of female educators and students. Key organizer of the symposium, Beth Pfannl, ISS VP of Administrative Searches and Governance Services, said, “At 92 years young, Mary Anne Haas has been a wonderful mentor and dear friend to so many individuals, but now, looking at all of the symposium delegates and their positive energy, I can see the empowerment multiplying and spreading throughout the world. This event is a true catalyst and I am thrilled to be a part of it.”