October 2017

 Students Create Book to Celebrate Their Community

Liz Duffy, ISS President

Last fall as I was preparing for my first trip to visit Independent Schools Riau (ISR), an ISS managed school in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, I got a few tour books on Indonesia out of the library. I couldn’t find more than a paragraph about Pekanbaru in any of the tour books and none of the paragraphs were particularly encouraging.

It turns out that the students at ISR had seen the same books, and didn’t think they had done justice to the community they had come to call home. With the 8th graders serving as editors and every other grade contributing information on the area, the ISR students created a Lovely Planet Tour Book about Pekanbaru, featuring the history, food, fauna, flora, culture, and animals of the region.

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Video Highlight

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