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Creating world-class international schools requires continuous professional learning on behalf of school leaders, teachers, and support staff. ISS professional learning initiatives give you a variety of events and networking opportunities to keep growing by providing ongoing learning, opportunities for networking, and the exchange of ideas and knowledge with a community of learners from around the globe.

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ISS is here to meet the ever-changing needs of education and learning around the world with professional development for teachers and school administrators. Our interdisciplinary professional development opportunities are uniquely designed to provide support for your entire international school faculty and staff. We thoughtfully construct sessions for school leaders, educators, school operations, professional staff, and more. Our topics range from curriculum, assessment, social emotional learning, DEIJ, to marketing, budgets, and human resources.

International School Expertise and Focus

We harness a strong cohort of engaging, contemporary educators and facilitators, who are experts in their respective disciplines. In addition, all of our educational presenters are experienced international educators and understand the nuances of international schools. This means that the content in all of our sessions is squarely focused on the unique needs of international educators and staff in their critical roles of serving an international school community.


Interactive Experiential Learning

Whether you attend a workshop or a virtual gathering meeting, you can expect to be active! Our sessions include deep learning from experts in their field and include sharing and learning with fellow attendees. Through these constructivist activities, you gain tips and insights about what has been tried by others and the learnings gained. You also get an opportunity to include your unique experiences. As a result, there are powerful takeaways that attendees can put to use right away. Plus, some of our extended two-week and month-long sessions allow for asynchronous feedback from speakers and attendees for a true 360° experience.

Steeped in Practical Tools

Each session, you’ll have an opportunity for real hands-on learning with practical applications you can use right away within the four walls of your classroom.


ISS Strives to Empower All Areas of Your School

See how our wide-ranging professional development opportunities can help your school


Teaching and Learning

Whether you are in the classroom or supporting what happens there, you’ll find some in-depth learning on topics such as: Curriculum & Instruction; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Virtual Learning; Assessment & Feedback; Social & Emotional Learning; and more. Learn More »


School Management & Operations

Operating a school is complex, considering facilities, human resources, financial management and more. These sessions are focused on supporting the professional leaders and staff within a school. Learn More »


LEVEL 5 Creativity & Innovation

LEVEL 5 offers an eclectic range of professional learning opportunities and creative experiences aimed at scaling educational reform in schools. Dive into interactive workshops to expand your thinking and knowledge base. Learn More »


In addition to ISS-hosted events, we work with other organizations to provide additional professional development avenues for you. Learn more about the UVU-ISS Bridge to Teaching Excellence Program and teacher certification and training through Moreland University.

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