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What an incredible time to be thinking about getting a teaching job in an international school. ISS-Schrole Advantage can put you in touch with MORE international teaching jobs and MORE schools and MORE opportunities worldwide than ever before!

You can search international teaching vacancies at your fingertips—and network at our job fairs, where you can meet fellow educators, heads of school, and other dedicated professionals for professional development, advice, and of course, jobs!

Thinking About Teaching In An International School?

International education is a passion, and for most, a spectacular, wonder-filled experience where educators make life-long global friends and create dynamic classrooms where students learn and discover on the path to being future, global leaders.

Are you wondering why teachers want to work at international schools? Or if it’s the right move for you?

We’ve heard a lot of fantastic answers, but here are five of our favorites about why teaching overseas (or in some other exciting place in the world) is an amazing, smart, and rewarding opportunity.

1. Benefits

Many international school contracts provide things like housing, medical insurance, shipping allowance, air transportation, tax benefits, free tuition, and utilities – making it possible to save far more than a teacher ever could at home!

2. Adventure

Teaching abroad means exploring a new country, new landscapes, new languages, new food…it’s a whole new world! Plus, international contracts are generally only for two years, so you have the ability to dive into a new part of the world with each new move or stay longer in your new exciting home.

3. The Opportunity To Grow

This applies to both you and your family. Living and teaching internationally gives children friends from around the world, and a colorful global outlook to strengthen them for the rest of their lives. Teach internationally to gain new experiences and grow in an entirely different way.

4. Job Security

As our world becomes more connected than ever, international education is a growing market. The demand for high-quality educators is expected to skyrocket over the next ten years and by 2026 the world will need nearly 900,000 international teachers.

5. And Of Course, The Teaching

Being an educator in an international classroom gives you a chance to teach a smaller class size with more flexibility. There is a high demand for educators teaching overseas for many subjects. Become an educational innovator while transforming a unique group of young thinkers and leaders.

How To Get Started

Be Part Of ISS-Schrole Advantage

For a low annual fee, educators can sign up for ISS-Schrole Advantage, which includes a powerful database of international schools and current international school teaching job vacancies. The platform allows for easy searches and you can apply directly through ISS-Schrole Advantage. In addition, if you have an active, completed profile, you can also register to attend recruiting events around the year.

Attend A Job Recruitment Fair

What better way to get to meet international educators, talk directly with hiring schools, and consider international teaching options from a variety of locations around the world! With your ISS-Schrole Advantage membership and an active, completed profile, you can register to attend any or all of our busy recruiting events. These events are a great way to interact with the international education community—and possibly leave with a job offer and signed contract in hand!

Professional Learning Opportunities

From TwitterChats to Level 5 Events, you can be exposed to peers and experts sharing their knowledge and experiences on a variety of topics. Take a look at our Living Abroad Twitter Chat and hear insights from other international educators about transitioning to an american international school or other schools abroad, getting settled into a community, and finding success.

ISS promotes best practices in teaching and learning, so you’ll enjoy a wealth of opportunities throughout the year to help you continue to grow.

Read About Other International Educators

International education is rewarding and it’s clear that you are part of a global community. Through our Teacher Features, you can hear the stories of fellow educators as they share their journeys in international education. Some are experienced educators who have taught in a variety of locations and some are just starting to teach internationally. Learn, grow and enjoy all that international teaching has to offer.

Ready For A Leadership Position?

If you are considering the next step and are thinking your future may include a leadership position, explore our current vacancies and past postings to learn more about various leadership opportunities and settings.

Team Tips

“Sometimes, the best thing that can happen to you is the one thing you never saw coming! Be open minded, do your research, talk to as many people – to include all of us here at ISS – as you consider options that may come your way. ”

– Laura Light

Team Tips

“The best opportunities are in places you never thought of going to before.”

– Megan Chin

Team Tips

“Often candidates will say “I hate to keep bothering you” but please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or just need to chat. It gives us great pleasure when you find a job and we are happy to assist in any way possible.”

– Tajuan Hardee

Team Tips

“Be positive, be open-minded, and be yourself! Explore and research every opportunity – your “perfect fit” might not be one you ever even considered!”

– Allyson Wilcox

Team Tips

“Working overseas: finding a job you love, meeting friends that you will have for life, and having experiences you never dreamed of!”

– Laura Light

Team Tips

“Be yourself and turn your dream job into a reality!”

– Loredana Lipari

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