Arduino Madness & Wearables!

LEVEL 5, China
January 26 - 28, 2019

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During this workshop, participants will learn how to create wearable, light-up garments and accessories using a variety of different platforms. You'll not only explore hardware and circuit design but also learn how to code to customise your creations. No previous coding or maker experience is required.

•    Use EL wire and tiny sewable LEDs
•    Leverage Lilypad Arduinos for e-textiles and wearable projects
•    Use a variety of coding langauges like Scratch and Arduino C/C++
•    Use fabrication tools like sewing machines and 3D printers
•    Take night-time long exposure photos of creations
•    Explore the roots of constructionism and maker education

Each participant will also receive their own Lilypad Arduino board to continue development when they return home.

Facilitator Information

Ringo Dingrando

Ringo Dingrando has helped build the robotics program at International School Manila from the ground up. After many years of teaching physics, he began teaching robotics at ISM five years ago. Ringo has since worked to create a program in which creativity and innovation are expected. He loves teaching people who are new to electronics or programming, and he hopes that more schools will get on board with robotics by providing students with the tools, hardware, and skills they need to build amazing things.