Intermediate & Advanced Photography

LEVEL 5, China
November 17 - 18, 2018

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While many of us are lucky enough to have a DSLR camera at home, work or school we often haven't had time (or support) to explore it in any depth.

During this workshop you'll learn about the features common to most DSLRs, identify how to consistently capture quality images and then utilise a range of post production tools to refine your work. Most importantly, this workhop will be geared towards action, with multiple opportunities for indoor, outdoor and even nightime shoots for those who are interested.

Key focus areas include:

    -  DSLR cameras and lens types
    -  Shutter and aperture settings
    -  Exposure and metering
    -  Light and colour
    -  Lighting
    -  Software and retouching

Facilitator Information

Peter Hennigar

Peter Hennigar is a photographer and highly experienced educator who has taught in Mexico, Japan, Nepal and China for over 15 years.

His photography portfolio is an eclectic mix of stunning character portraits and wide sweeping vistas that have been captured during his extensive travels in Asia. Peter is also an exponent of contemporary and innovative teaching practices that leverage constructionism and focus on restoring student agency over learning.