The Leadership Series - Foster Compassion to Inspire Innovation

LEVEL 5, Bahrain
December 6 - 7, 2019

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Build a culture of compassion in your learning community with Tara Waudby.

About this Event

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” - Brene Brown

Innovation is a hot topic in education today. 1:1 learning programs are largely ubiquitous, makerspaces are popping up everywhere and many curricular initiatives now promote startup and entrepreneurial endeavors for students.

Yet sometimes we miss the key ingredient that is required for successful innovation; a culture of compassion. When trying something new, failure is integral to the learning process. When a community lacks compassion, transparency and the capacity to be vulnerable, innovation is stifled and people are reluctant to engage. It's therefore critical that compassion is the bedrock of all the work we do so that agency is restored and new ideas can flourish.

In this workshop, participants will take a deep dive into a model that places compassion at the center of innovation and explore the practical strategies required to bring it to life.

Who is it for?

  • Educators who are interested in building compassion into their learning community
  • Educational leaders interested in placing compassion at the center of their school
  • Students 13+ interested in compassion and innovation

What will you do?

  • Engage in Appreciative Inquiry and storytelling to explore the roots of compassion and trust
  • Engage in a framework that explores how compassion lies at the center of innovation and creativity
  • Create indicators for compassionate action, courage, and innovation
  • Engage in design thinking protocol to create personal and professional action plans
  • Participate in a Future Search that includes a Best Hopes/Worst Fears protocol and explores the “monsters” that may get in the way of implementing our action plans

What will you walk away with?

  • Personalized indicators to measure compassion, trust, courage and innovation
  • An action plan for a personal or professional problem related to compassion or innovation
  • A model that places compassion at the center of innovation
  • Protocols that can be used in multiple school improvement and leadership contexts

About the Facilitator, Tara Waudby

Passionate about innovation in education, Tara is committed to increasing meaning and relevance in schools. Tara is co-founder of the Compassion Summit, a global movement committed to building a coalition of compassionate schools. Her additional interests include positive psychology, fostering mission-driven schools, and using a systems approach to schooling.

A TCK herself, Tara began her teaching career in Phoenix, Arizona before moving into international education where she has spent 20+ years in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Taiwan serving in numerous leadership and teaching roles. She has volunteered for ISTE as the chair-elect of the Digital Storytelling Network, for NESA as a PDAC member and for COETAIL as a coach. Tara holds an MA in Educational Leadership, an MFA in Poetry, and two graduate certificates in educational technology and future-driven schooling. Currently, she serves as Superintendent of Riffa Views International School.

You can follow her on Twitter or through learn more about her here.