Inclusive Learning: Empowering all Learners to Shine

LEVEL 5, China
December 1, 2018

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Children are remarkable, complex, and sometimes challenging. The way we plan for them and react to their diverse needs can mean the difference between constant power struggles and smooth sailing. In this workshop, we will learn how to build consistent relationships with every child in your classroom. We will think about voice, energy, function of behavior, explicit strategies, and evidence-based programs.

Join us to develop your inclusive skills and realize the joy that is possible when we invest in our unique learners.

Facilitator Information

Erin Madonna

Erin Madonna is the Learning Support Specialist at Shekou International School. Previously, she spent a decade teaching students with diverse needs in the small, but feisty, state of Delaware, USA. She spent her entire public school career in Title 1 schools, teaching students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Over the years, Erin developed a passion for working with students identified with emotional and behavioral needs.