Creating Opportunities for Learner Agency​

LEVEL 5, Bahrain
January 31, 2020

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This workshop is two days: January 31st – February 1st, 202

Explore how to design authentic learning experiences for true learner engagement with Paul O'Neill.

About this Event

"It is not enough to simply listen to the student voice. Educators have an ethical imperative to do something with students, and that is why meaningful student involvement is vital to school improvement." - Adam Fletcher

Placing students at the center of their own learning requires a commitment to collaboration and new ways of working. By providing students with the capacity to act and make decisions about their learning, we promote ownership that typically doesn't exist in schools today. When there is an authentic focus on enabling agency, student are more likely to experience success and engage in ubiquitous, life-long learning.

In this workshop, participants will explore the changing nature of teacher and student roles in the learning process by rethinking traditional notions of assessment and by exploring what authentic student-driven inquiry looks like. Through a process of building empathy with students who essentially participate in a compliance model of learning, we will explore ways of designing tangible experiences for true learner engagement.

Who is it for?

  • Educators of all levels, leaders and coaches interested in improving student experience and relevance in a learning community
  • Educators of all levels, leaders, & coaches who are engaged in any strategic change process however large or small that affects the student experience

What will you do?

  • Build empathy for students who participate in a compliance model
  • Design tangible experiences for true learner engagement
  • Explore a design thinking process to create a unit framework, a new course or a strategic model for change

What will you walk away with?

  • An understanding of change theory and experience in applying that to any change process
  • A sense of empathy for the student experience
  • The ability to identify a change potential in their context
  • A new unit framework, course, program or strategic model for change


About the Facilitator, Paul O'Neill

Paul has been a change leader in education for the past 20 years advocating for systems that build autonomy and voice for learners. Paul has worked in a range of challenging ventures developing change initiatives to improve the student experience. Paul is a strong advocate for student agency and trusting that learners make good decisions when they understand themselves and are trusted to guide their learning. Paul is currently a Learning Design Consultant working to establish a new school in Bangkok. Verso International School represents the future of school. Opening in August 2020, VERSO is bringing together a powerful team of progressive educators to design and deliver an innovative, creative, never-been-done-before model of international schooling.