Building Relationships in Schools

LEVEL 5, China
November 10 - 11, 2018

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Having more than one teacher working within a classroom is increasingly commonplace. Perhaps there is an assistant, a co-teacher, a bilingual teacher, English support, Learning Support or Enrichment support personnel - all of which add value to the learning possibilities for the students. However, the focus can often be on learning experiences, and what needs to be done, and sometimes the important conversations about the beliefs behind our practices are missed. This workshop explores a model Nicky developed called Conceptual Co-teaching, and explores how if this stance is true for students, we can also use it to enhance our adult co-teaching relationships. Creative challenges throughout will remind us what it feels like to be a learner, in order to strengthen our empathy and thereby our practice.

In this workshop participants will use the Conceptual Co-teaching model Nicky developed and the educational theory behind it, in terms of what is valued for student learning in a co-teaching relationship, and then mirror this to maximise collaborative relationships. Teachers will develop specific skills to effectively work with and maximize the co-teaching relationships within their learning communities.

This session will be suitable for any School Leader, Teacher, or Instructional Coach looking to develop a school culture that meets the expectations of contemporary education. Participants will leave having considered co-teaching from a range of perspectives and with an understanding of how the Conceptual Co-teaching model can support growth in student centered, equitable, co-teaching relationships.The session will provide time for reflection and sharing of school experiences from the group.

Facilitator Information

Nicky Bourgeois

Nicky Bourgeois is an Elementary Teacher at NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand. She is an IB workshop leader and has led workshops across Asia Pacific since 2009. She has over 15 years of teaching experience across elementary grades in New Zealand, Vietnam and Thailand. Nicky holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Sociology and has recently completed the IB Leadership Series. She collaborates globally in a variety of ways, such as being a member of the Advisory Board for The Wonderment and as guest speaker for a Teaching as a Profession class at the University of Washington. She is known as a creative, conceptual thinker yet her extensive classroom experience brings a practicality to her educational consulting. She has shared thoughts on global education at ISTE, Denver 2016 and presented her Conceptual Co-teaching model at both the IB Annual conference and EARCOS. Conceptual Co-teaching brings a unique spotlight on multi-teacher collaboration, deprivatization of practice, and equity within the international classroom. She tweets as @bourgeois1 and endeavors to only share what is truly evident in her classroom and teaching practice.