Last Week for Pocket Passenger Submissions

If you could create a pocket-sized companion, what kind of character would you bring along to experience the world with you? There’s still time to submit your students’ designs for us to share and possibly travel the world with the ISS team! We’re collecting submissions until May 31, 2019.

We love the international Pocket Passenger designs already received and are excited to share a sample. Here are backstories and inspirations behind some of our favorite characters so far:

  • Bianca the owl loves banana bread and has an exciting origin story: “My inspiration was from when an owl came down to my dad and he was scared.” (Martina, Colegio Americano De Guatemala)
  • Robo-zap is a robot of many tastes: “He likes to zap things with a laser. He likes to fly and he likes to eat lasagna.” (Jin Gang Lin, Dalian American International School)
  • We all need friends like Lucy: “I can hug people with my 4 arms. I can run fast too. I am a good friend because I give hugs and kisses” (Lawrence, International School of Dongguan)
  • Criminals beware! “He is a super hero and his name is Super Bunny. He also is able to fly.” (Solomon, Oman)
  • Manila the cat is drawn with love: “I was inspired by grumpy cats and my own cat in her design. I love her brown fur with the rainbow wings to add color and beauty to her look.” (Mira, International School of Kenya)
  • Lionel is living his best life: “He was once a garden gnome, but he has now retired from being a garden gnome and became a dancer.” (Eric, Dalian American International School)

If your students are brimming with ideas, designs, and characters ready to travel the world, let’s see them in this last week! Learn more about submitting over here, and if you have any questions, just write to We’ll be sharing more great designs and stories, so stay tuned.

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