Thank You For Sharing Your Characters!

A huge, huge thanks to all the students around the world who submitted their Pocket Passenger designs (and to many of their teachers who took the time to photograph/scan, and send)! Every one of the designs is so special, and the stories and behind them never fail to inspire. This is just a small group of the many we received shown below, so we’ll keep sharing them in the days ahead over the summer.  Later in the year, the ISS team will be picking buddies to travel with them around the world too, and we’ll be sharing even more adventures then!

May is already ending, so if you’ve been waiting to submit your story and artwork, today is the day to do so before the survey closes. Thank you! And enjoy some wonderful Pocket Passengers:


  • The care artist Addison shares for Elisha, a character inspired by a real eel, is beautiful: “It is special because it has an issue that it was born with and I love it.” (Addison, Dostyk American International School, Grade 4)
  • Princess Sondor of Mongolia is a royal Mongolian princess.” We love that she shares a name with her artist! (Sondor, International School of Ulaanbaatar, Pre-K)
  • Friendly Dragon loves going on new adventures, and is just the kind of dragon you’d want to meet on the road. “He likes kind people and has a buddy on his tail.” (Mohammed, Riffa Views International School, Grade 4) 
  • Jake loves his guitar, ice cream, art, and as you can tell by his awesome instrument, he “travels to the tune of music.” (Kaylee, International School of Port of Spain, Pre-K)
  • Ross plays football and loves math, is popular and has many human friends. The inspiration behind his design? “When my teacher said we might consider a composite drawing for our character I immediately thought of my favorite animals and used their part.” (Muhammad, Lynwood Elementary School, Grade 5) 
  • Who could resist that smile? “Johnny is bright and cheerful, and always has the most fun! He eats anything and everything.” (Wai Wai, Yangon International School, Grade 7)



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