Leadership Spotlight: Dr. Omolola Wright-Odusoga

ISS Administrative Search was proud to lead the Primary School Principal search for The International Academy – Amman, Jordan. Congratulations to Dr. Omolola Wright-Odusoga (Dr. Lola) for accepting the position, beginning August 2021! She is currently the Founding Head of School at The English Modern School and Kindergarten Alwakra.

Dr. Lola’s prior roles include experiences as an Operations Executive, Childcare Training Solutions, Teacher, Early Years Practitioner, Nursery Deputy Manager and Parent and Toddler Group Owner/Director. She holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership, as well as a Master of Science in Education Curriculum Instruction and Assessment from Walden University. She also has a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies from London Southbank University, and a Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies from Middlesex University.

In this feature below, learn about Dr. Lola’s early influences in education, her career experiences, and what she’s excited to bring as a leader to The International Academy – Amman.

What drew you to pursue the world of education? And what drew you into international education specifically?

I grew up around educators. My mother (God rest her soul) was a teacher and a School Proprietor. Her zeal for education and how she nurtured children and supported teachers at her school motivated me to start my career in education. Most importantly, the impact she made in education within her local community is worth emulating.

My educational careers began with working at my mother’s school as an intern. I then worked at school and Children Centres in the UK and established parent and toddler group settings in my local community in the UK. Finally, I decided to explore international education to gain different perspectives on how and what learning consists of indifferent culture and communities. This curiosity brought me to Qatar, where I have enjoyed ten wonderful years of teaching and leading in private and independent schools and worked for The Ministry of Education as an inspector and teacher professional facilitator (SEC).


Please tell us about your previous experiences in education.

As an Inspector and PD Facilitator in Qatar, I worked at The Ministry of Education, and was responsible for overseeing six independent schools’ inspection/compliance oversight. I observed teachers in classroom environments and met with teachers individually to provide specific constructive feedback. In addition, I collaborated with and advised Principles/Academic Vice Principles on holistic school development initiatives. The goal was always to ensure system-wide, informative, enriching, and developmentally appropriate learning experiences that value cultural heritage and comply with regulations and best practices.

Currently, I am The Founding Head of School at The English Modern School and Kindergarten Alwakra. I will finish my contract at the school at the end of this academic year. I worked with contractors and developers to design the school buildings; managed the implementation of infrastructure, student admissions, staff recruitment; and oversaw the budget for developing two schools. In addition, as a board member, I participate in regular board meetings and give updates on school progress and review of the school strategic plans.

I collaborated with faculty and staff to develop the school curriculum in compliance with The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Cambridge International Primary Program. I worked in collaboration with colleagues to develop and implement school-specific policies. In addition, I orchestrate daily activities for 100+ faculty/support staff and more than 800 students over two campuses, ensuring best practices in choosing the relevant professional development training programs for staff, conducting ongoing evaluation of academic offerings, and facilitating continuous improvement practices.

Dr. Lola preparing plans for The English Modern School and Kindergarten Alwakra

The International Academy – Amman

Congratulations on your new position at the International Academy – Amman (IAA)! What excites you about being in this new role and school? What are your hopes?

I look forward to meeting the outstanding students, teachers, and parents at IAA, building long-lasting relationships, and enriching the high-quality educational services offered. I hope to foster relationships with students, colleagues, and stakeholders to achieve educational objectives and build on IAA’s pillars of Leadership, Duties, Cultural Heritage and Acceptance.

I believe this is now more important than ever, given how the global pandemic has redefined education unprecedentedly. I hope that we can all learn from the changes the world is going through right now. The pandemic has tested my resilience and adaptability as a leader. It reminds me to stay optimistic against all odds and maintain a positive environment despite the many ways COVID-19 impacts and restrictions have challenged us all. Nonetheless, faith and perseverance are helping us navigate difficult times and hopefully come out strong.

Please tell us about your education philosophy and your leadership style. What can your new community expect?

My philosophy is that all students can learn and grow, given the proper education in the right environment. Therefore, I make every effort for academic excellence by advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in educational settings, to meet the individual needs of students and needs of the school community. My leadership style is transformative leadership that promotes innovation and success among students, teachers, parents, and the school community.

As a result, the IAA school community can expect to entrust the care, teaching, and learning of their children in a school that embraces diversity, inclusion, cultural heritage, and acceptance. They can expect a leader who would ensures that teaching impacts learning, and who encourages innovation to support the school’s mission in developing the whole child.


What is an interesting fact, story, or reflection you’d like to share?

My daughters and I were approached by a BBC correspondent to share our thoughts live on TV during a memorable event in the UK televised worldwide. It brought a lot of excitement to us to have been nominated.

Speaking at a school event

And finally, what was your experience with ISS and ISS Administrative Search like?

A heartfelt thanks to the entire team at ISS for their support during my job search. The team that I communicated with were very professional, and they followed through with updates from schools every step of the way.

Many thanks to Dr. Lola for sharing these thoughtful reflections on her career and the start of a new chapter! We look forward to seeing her leadership at IAA. You can learn more about her experiences and connect on Linkedin.

If you’re interested in pursuing a school leadership position, please check out our current leadership searches or get in touch with the ISS Administrative Search Team.

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