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We are educators, but we are learners, too. At our very core, we believe learning happens everywhere. Discover, grow, share, and learn…and then keep learning and learning and learning!

“Show me a school where the teachers are learning, and I’ll show you a school where the students are learning” – Professor Seymour Sarason, Yale University.

ISS very much abides by that philosophy, so we continually develop relevant face-to-face and blended learning opportunities to international educators. We believe that world-class professional learning leads to world-class schools. We work with educators of the highest caliber to facilitate professional learning opportunities that reflect educational research and highlight best teacher practices.

We are strong believers in the power of co-created communities, where all learners participate in inclusive, diverse social communities, and encourage everyone to be both learners and sharers. There are countless ways to learn – so keep exploring!

LEVEL 5 Workshops

Now in China and Bahrain, our LEVEL 5, Creativity and Innovation Hubs, bring you a full academic year of professional learning opportunities.  Participate in TeachMeets, and other special events, plus, of course:

Hands-On Workshops

Open to educators, parents, students and the wider community, these workshops are designed to unleash your inner creativity. From robotics to graffiti art to cardboard challenges, you’ll get moving, creating, and discovering new ways of thinking and doing.

Spark Sessions

These sessions dive into key educator topics, helping you to learn from experts and peers. You’ll gain valuable insight and leave with practical frameworks and strategies to take back to your own educational setting. There is a full line up of weekend sessions, including Creating Opportunities for Learner Agency, the Power of Applied Design Thinking and more.

Leadership Series

The leadership series is designed for current and aspiring leaders to delve into some deeper themes. Topics like Leading and Influencing Change, Designing Equitable Schools and more provide a high-value setting for stimulating discussion and learning.

Team Tips

“Mentor and be mentored. Seek out a those few leaders you most respect and admire and learn from them. Be open to new approaches, tricks and ideas that have worked for them in the past. Take the time to mentor others. Empower the leaders in your school and support and guide them as they grow and develop their craft. You will be amazed at what you learn in the process.”

– Bruce McWilliams

Team Tips

“Being part of a “Learning Team” will give you support as you move toward your goal.”

– Deirdre Simon

Team Tips

“The day we stop being a learner is the day we stop growing. That applies to students and adults alike.”

– Dick Moore

Team Tips

“Nothing stands still. You must always update your knowledge and skills or you will fall behind.”

– Dale Cox

Team Tips

“Great ideas can come from anywhere! There is a wealth of experience in your wider community (staff, students & parents) that can be leveraged through EdCamps, Teachmeets, Hackathons and more? Reimagine professional learning in your school.”

– John Burns

Team Tips

“As a leader be sure to allocate the time and energy required to grow in your own practice. Seek out learning opportunities and take time to engage in them. Guard your priorities to ensure your own professional growth.”

– Bruce McWilliams

Team Tips

“One of the best forms of professional development for the head of school is an executive coach. ”

– Dick Moore

Team Tips

“International School educators tend to be open minded, risk taking and interested in creating schools and communities that thrive on constantly evolving and growing. ”

– Keith Cincotta

Team Tips

“Reading widely is one of our best ways to continue to learn and grow our thinking as educators. Seek out book and journal recommendations from your colleagues. Create professional book clubs. As international educators, we gain vital teammates from the texts we read.”

– Laura Benson

Engage Via Social Platforms


Throughout the year, you can participate in topic-specific TwitterChats via #issedu, which attract educators from around the world to share their own discoveries, suggest resources and tell more about what’s happening in their own schools. These are fantastic ways to connect with educators to hear best practices, trials, and innovative solutions. Recent topics have included Co-Teaching and Inclusive Learning

Follow #ISSedu

Follow and participate via #issdu on social platforms. In these venues, new and seasoned educators generously share what’s going on in their classrooms and schools, provide insight on teaching and learning, and recommend resources. Best of all, these connections bring a global ecosystem of international educators together for support and sharing about life in an international school.

Slack And Other Channels

ISS’s Laura Benson is an advocate for professional learning and support and regularly curates a wealth of knowledge, experiences and resources via dedicated Slack channels and other means.

Curriculum Support

Stay on top of contemporary learning practices and access practical resources through the Open Book network.

Participate In Events

“ISS leaders enjoy connecting with other educators as they travel the international education conference circuit throughout the year. Engage with us in a workshop, stop by our exhibitor booth, or simply say hello.

We also connect and support a diverse, inclusive and sustainable pipeline of international educators through the Mary Anne Haas Women’s Symposium, Diversity Collaborative, and job fairs.

Join The Family

Share and connect with the wider co-created community! Tag your posts and follow other international educators on #issedu.

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our wonderful international community.

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As a nonprofit organization, ISS is dedicated to supporting you and developing all aspects of a strong, vibrant school. Each year, we work with more than 800 international schools and thousands of teachers across our suite of services to help you achieve your goals.

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