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Whether you are a rising star or ready for your next leadership role, we can help you hone your skills, learn about exciting administrative vacancies in international schools, and use your talents to help a school grow and shine. After all, as educators, we are all learners and ready to grow!

Each year, we help place principals, heads of school, and other school administrators in North America, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia. Where is your journey headed?

Many times, educators tell us their destination is not where they initially considered — but as they become part of a new community and family, their new placement country quickly becomes home.

Consider Your Next Step

As a school leader, you will be focused on preparing students to become the next generation of thoughtful, imaginative global leaders.

Leadership roles are challenging but incredibly rewarding, as you work with students, staff, parents, Board of Directors, and the broader community to achieve the school’s vision. It takes deep capabilities, interpersonal skills and cultural competencies to lead an international school!

Explore Vacancies

We post all active leadership vacancies, including the deadline dates and requirements. You also can view past postings to learn more about the leadership landscape and how roles vary in different school settings and locations.

We work closely with the school stakeholders to articulate a shared understanding of the core features of the School, the major challenges and opportunities that the incoming Head of School and administrators will face, and the key characteristics that the School community is looking for in the School’s next leader. Dive in and discover the exciting opportunities that arise in international education.

Evaluate What’s Right For You

Our job postings will tell if a search committee is seeking someone with experience in US-based Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum or other international curricula. The posting will also describe other key qualifications, desired personal attributes, and important details about the school and community.

As you participate in the recruitment process, you’ll get to know our trained and friendly ISS staff. They will assist you in showcasing your talents and experience, and help you evaluate what your best fit is.

As you prepare for your new position, we encourage you to engage in professional learning, cultivate your leadership skills, learn best-practices for teaching and learning, network with other international educators, and even explore agile learning spaces like LEVEL 5.

Get Ready For Your Next Step

Seek Mentorship And Guidance

We sponsor opportunities like the Diversity Collaborative and the Mary Anne Haas Women’s Symposium, but also are active participants in many, many professional meetings throughout the year. Whether it’s a breakfast roundtable, a presentation, or workshop, you can find leadership skill-building options in many venues to help you grow as an education leader. Plus, seasoned leaders are always willing to share advice, tips and support to help you launch this next step in your career.

Attend A LEVEL 5 Workshop

LEVEL 5, our Creativity and Innovation Hubs, are located in China and Bahrain. During the academic year, there is a full line up of experiences for students, educators and the wider community focused on making, contemporary pedagogies, and innovative leadership. Educators from nearby regions and around the world travel to participate in hands-on workshops, Spark Sessions and the Leadership Series events, including topics like “Designing Equitable Schools” to “The Power of Applied Design Thinking.”

Be Part Of ISS-Schrole Advantage

For a low annual fee, educators can sign up for ISS-Schrole Advantage, which includes a powerful database of international schools and current international job vacancies. The platform allows for easy searches and you can apply directly through ISS-Schrole Advantage. In addition, if you have an active, completed profile, you can also register to attend recruiting events around the year.

Interact With Other International Educators

Each year, we host several ISS-Schrole Advantage recruiting fairs around the world, designed to help schools and educators fill teaching vacancies. Throughout the event, there are many opportunities to meet Heads of School and other administrators, and network, network, network! A job fair is an excellent opportunity to build an ecosystem of connections and support. Best of all, there is no added registration cost to attend an ISS-Schrole Advantage fair if you are an active member with a completed profile.

Follow #ISSedu

Co-created communities provide great power as the participants share their learning and experience. We encourage educators to follow and post regularly on #issedu to strengthen connectivity and gain from each other. In addition, there are a variety of TwitterChats throughout the year to foster even more dialogue about best practices in teaching and learning.

Team Tips

“It’s important to take the time to research different schools to be sure you find the right fit. Every school has its own unique characteristics and school culture. Be open minded and be ready to expand your horizons.”

– Beth Pfannl

Team Tips

“Searching for your next administrative position can be stressful and take time. Stay positive and patient, and always remember we are here to support you in whatever way we can.”

– Ashley Wotowey

Team Tips

“We look forward to assisting schools and administrative candidates to find matches that will be best for them and for the communities of those schools.”

– David Randall

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As a nonprofit organization, ISS is dedicated to supporting you and developing all aspects of a strong, vibrant school. Each year, we work with more than 800 international schools and thousands of teachers across our suite of services to help you achieve your goals.

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