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ISS welcomes Thai Sikh International School


Since opening in 1985, TSIS has been a center of learning and growth, aiming to instill Sikh Values into its Sikh students and Universal Values into all its students. TSIS students and families strongly value education and learning opportunities, which shows in a rich community culture and historically excellent examination results at IGCSE “O” and “A” level. The TSIS Junior school is located in the center of the city, while the middle/high school is in the Bangna area of Bangkok. Both of the campuses have some the best facilities of any international school in Bangkok, thanks to the generosity of the school Board members.

To help TSIS continue offering a quality educational experience to students the Board has appointed ISS to undertake a thorough review of school operations and bring in a highly qualified and experienced team of international teachers. TSIS is now an ISS Managed school.

While the Thai Sikh school will undergo organizational shifts with new ISS management, the core Philosophy of the community will remain unchanged. As outlined in TSIS's five key statements, the school will:

- Promote mutual recognition and respect of different cultures and traditions.
- Create an understanding of change as prerequisite for human progress.
- Create awareness that the youngsters of today are the leaders of tomorrow.
- Promote sympathy towards and compassion for the suffering of humanity.
- Create a belief in world harmony, peace and co- operation.

TSIS is also committed to act within the spirit of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ISS stands behind the school's dedication to excellence in all spheres of life, the practice of universal values, creativity as a way of life, and to promoting the well-being of all humanity.

The Thai Sikh International School's mission statement is “Education for Life"; ISS looks forward to working with this school in the days ahead, striving together to help students make a difference in school and in the world beyond the classroom.

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