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For more than 60 years, companies, organizations and individuals around the world have trusted ISS to manage their schools and maintain an international standard of excellence. The ISS approach assigns an experienced, senior international educator to support each ISS school. They provide ongoing guidance and mentorship to the administration, quality assurance to the board and a sense of continuity when any change in school administration happens. ISS management gives boards and parents the comfort of knowing that world-class professional educators are partnering with them to provide the best possible future for their school.

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Experienced Stewardship

ISS managed schools are overseen by a group of distinguished educators, each with decades of experience in international education. Whether the topic is how to secure accreditation, dealing with a difficult Ministry issue, adjusting salaries or crafting a new Science curriculum, our management team has done it all.

One Partner, Many Departments

Our school management team is supported by our entire organization. An ISS management contract also provides access to our specialized departments including executive search, faculty recruitment, educational supply procurement, risk assessment, human resources, accounting, curriculum and professional development.

Driven to Guarantee Quality

The ISS school management model focuses on quality assurance and continuous school improvement. Our school managers work closely with the school administration through teleconference and bi-annual site visits. Monthly progress on school goals are captured on a data dashboard reviewed by ISS senior management addressing the ten most important aspects of school operation and visitation reports are generated after each site visit. An association with ISS is your guarantee of quality.

Benefits of Working With ISS to Manage Your School

ISS has an outstanding reputation and our managed schools immediately gain credibility through their partnership with us. Becoming an ISS managed school tells prospective parents and teachers that you are a school committed to professional practice and high-quality learning. An association with ISS often makes the difference for parents and teachers in choosing their next school. Stakeholders know ISS is synonymous with ethical practice, quality teachers and most importantly, a learning-first approach that guarantees an outstanding education for every student.

ISS Management Advantage

Executive Search: We have access to hundreds of experienced international administrators from leadership candidate pool.

Faculty Recruitment: We recruit the best teachers from our pool of over 1,500 registered candidates.

Custom Tailored Curriculum: We are experienced in developing and implementing International, American, blended and IB curriculums as well as specialized courses based on client need.

Robust Professional Development: We provide professional development through attendance at regional conferences, on-site consultants, providing summer workshops, teleconferencing and utilizing digital resources.

School Supply: Our school supply department consolidates and ships supplies from over 1,000 vendors around the world.

Campus Planning: ISS has working relationships with experienced international school planners and architects.

Quality Control Procedures: We use external evaluations, student achievement records, data dashboards and on-site visits to ensure educational quality. On-site administrators have ongoing access to senior staff from our home and regional offices.

Risk Assessment/Child Safety: ISS is a founding member of the International Task Force on Child Protection, and we weave child safety and risk assessment considerations into all our school policies and procedures.

As the founding Director of the International School of Dongguan, the direct support and guidance of ISS, coupled with their incredible network of experts, I can think of few other organizations that would have allowed me to lead to such unprecedented success in such a short time. We opened our doors in August 2012 with 58 students and in three short years, our enrollment had grown by over 400%. We opened a full-service educational program in record time, became accredited with WASC in less than two years, received authorization to deliver the IB Diploma Programme, implemented a standards-based curriculum with accompanying SB reporting, had world-renowned consultants and presenters educate our staff and community, set the bar as a catalyst school on English language instruction, won the Pearl River Delta basketball tournament in our first year of participation and so much more. It is because of the culture of professional learning and leadership mentoring that ISD was able to achieve such early and great successes. For those considering starting an outstanding school, or indeed transforming an existing school, I honestly cannot think of a more well-resourced, supportive and customer service oriented organization than ISS to make your vision come true.

– Michael Lees

When I was looking to find a partner to assist me as I set out to develop an International school here in Yangon 13 years ago, I found ISS to be just what I was looking for. My dream was to establish an international school taught in English with modern international pedagogy and expat teachers that at the same time had a rich grounding in local culture and values. I needed an organization that listened to my ideas and provided a customized solution. ISS have guided the development of the school from start-up through two full cycles of WASC Accreditation and continue to serve us exceptionally well as a provider of highest quality educational services as we continue our very unique and important journey. All along the way from my original dream to the present 580-student, PreK-grade 12 first class International School ISS has provided access to its years of experience, guidance, quality assurance and support. They provide us with excellent teachers, cutting edge Professional Development, and assistance sourcing school supplies and materials. They are a one-stop shop in many ways and their responsiveness is always prompt and on target.

My colleagues and I are very comfortable working with ISS not only because of their professional services provided but also the family atmosphere that ISS creates. I never feel that ISS is a third-party service provider. In my mind & heart, ISS is part of own family of YIS. This is simply what ISS is in my mind.

– U Tin Mauang Win, Owner/Sponsor, Yangon International School


ISS managed school service provides comprehensive operational management and quality assurance so that our clients can be assured that the school will serve its students well. All aspects of operation will be well organized, executed, supervised and supported by our team of experienced international educators and support staff. With an ISS managed school clients can confidently pursue their core business knowing that the school project is in good hands.

The team at ISS is there to work with site administrators to handle recruiting, school supply purchasing, consolidation and shipping, as well as risk management, curriculum development, and pursuit/maintenance of accreditation status. As and when heads of school transition out and in the ISS team provides a continuity resource that minimizes transitional bumps in the development of the school.

The ISS Chief Project Officer (CPO) is there 24/7 as needed to support the head of school navigate the many issues that arise in the ongoing life of a school. Having an experienced supervisor/coach with which to consult and discuss issues is a key asset often unavailable in schools that do not have access to ISS management services. Daily email, weekly skype connections, monthly quality dashboard reviews, bi-annual site visits are all key resources that heads of school can depend on as support from the ISS headquarters. The CPO also serves as an informed contact between the school and the many other ISS service lines (recruiting, school supply, accounting, etc.)

ISS managed schools exist around the world and we have deep understanding and longstanding, close relations with the US and Intl accrediting organizations. When we start up a school we have our sights on the standards and protocols imbedded in the various accrediting bodies. And as we manage the ongoing development of each school we understand the data points, processes and paths that each accrediting organization expects and requires. We know what it takes to achieve accreditation efficiently and we facilitate the schools activity as it pursues it.

In the globally connected world of skype, video conference calls and site visits, contact with schools is much more direct, intimate and textured. In some situations we have used robots to bring a more life-like dimensional presence to meetings. Email and collaborative digital workspaces also play important asynchronous roles in the back and forth communication that is so important to this headquarter/regional office support.

Getting Started

Looking for help? Send us an email.

We’d love to discuss how we can assist you in managing your school. We can deliver on a full management contract or we can provide consultative services on any aspect of school operation.

Fill out the contact form and you will be contacted within 1-2 business days by an ISS representative.








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