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Securing the Best Local Consulting Support

Dr. Dick Moore & Erin Uritus

Conducting a Feasibility Study Focused on Local Demand for Your International School:
Best Practice Guidance for Securing the Best Local Consulting Support


The most critical first step in opening an international school in earnest, is to conduct an effective, demand-side feasibility study. This study will help you understand the local environment, consider the current and future economic and political conditions, and identify opportunities to distinguish your new school in the local marketplace. The data and some basic analysis essentially should present you with a menu of choices and questions, that – if answered- will position you to launch and manage a school that is both financially viable, sustainable and achieves its mission and vision.

ISS believes that the best support for this important task is a company or organization that understands and specializes in your local environment. The benefit of hiring a local consultant/company is that they will conduct internet/news research (often in the local language), as well as engage with local stakeholders to explore in more depth the opportunities, concerns and possible issues you need to incorporate into the school development plan. 

However, in our experience, sponsors/owners can sometimes spend significant money on a feasibility study, only to realize the lengthy, detailed report includes a lot of information that you don’t need (“filler”) or not enough of the right information.  In the spirit of helping our current and potential clients conduct the best and most economical school feasibility study, we have prepared some guidance that will help you focus your inquiry, and therefore write a better Request for Proposal (RFP).

With a good feasibility study in hand, ISS partners with clients like you to then engage in the “Vision/Consensus” process, which helps make sense of this data, and craft the best position or “value proposition” for your school in the local community, and the resulting educational and architectural plan. Please reach out to Dr. Dick Moore with any questions about this guidance, and/or if we can help you further:



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