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Looking Back to the Future

Rob Ambrogi, ISS Vice President

As I approach full-time retirement this July, I can’t help but examine and reflect upon my 47 years as an educator with both retrospective and prospective lenses.

I entered Teacher Corps in 1971 in Lackawanna, New York as a HS science intern, teaching chemistry and photography. We studied how to develop and implement mastery-based units of instruction with tightly crafted behavioral objectives that included cognitive, affective and psychomotor elements in each lesson. Over the years, I have seen this ‘best practice’ of its time be replaced by outcomes-based instruction, standards-based curriculum, social emotional learning targets, project-based learning, backwards-designed curriculum, and so on.

It seems that educators are always looking for the next best thing. Rather than succumbing to a jaundiced, cynical point of view on this endless, sometimes cyclical quest, I tend to see each of these initiatives as a step in a long, sincerely motivated journey toward discovering better ways to enhance and facilitate the learning of future generations -- as noble a journey as any I can imagine. I smile a bit in interviews as I listen to candidates, both new and experienced, as they seek to convince me that they know the best way to be a teacher. Looking back, I’ve come to believe that great teaching is perhaps most effectively framed as a journey of discovery and an ongoing exercise in prototyping and self-correction.

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Puzzles, Stories, & Show & Tell

Teaching Students the Language of Thinking

Laura Benson, ISS Director of Curriculum & Professional Development

Originally Published in Issue 6 of ECIS Global Insight (April 2018)

Children’s sense of wonder ignites them to be the most brilliant and brave problem solvers. Reading is problem-solving. Lifting the ink from the page of a book and transforming those black dots and squiggles into thoughts? Miraculous problem-solving! Making sense of the recorded words of another person? Complete brain fireworks show of interpretations and resolutions!

How can we craft reading instruction to tap into children’s natural problem-solving disposition? Whether taking an inductive or deductive approach to teaching, here’s what reading as thinking sounds like as you sit in the nest of Readers’ Workshop classrooms.

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Five Ways for Heads of School to Save Money and Get Control of Their School Supply Process

Keith Cincotta, ISS Director of School Services

As schools around the world begin to prepare their annual orders for their School Supply partners, it’s also the time of year that Heads of School frequently look at the process (and expense!) of annual orders and wonder what they can do to save money and time.

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Riffa Views International School: 2nd Quarter Highlights


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