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Creating Global Citizens

Gregory R. van Goidtsnoven, Elementary Coordinator/ College Counsellor, Noblesse International School, Philippines

When it comes to small schools that have big hearts, it would be tough to beat Noblesse International School (NIS). With a student population of only 140, we are a small school serving the educational needs of the expat community outside the bustling city of Manila, Philippines. Clark Air Base was once a US installation located in Angeles City, but now the base is an integral part of the city. In recent years, the city has seen substantial growth, and with that growth has come a greater perspective on the community’s needs.


Students of Noblesse International School
share the stage with the Lee Music Academy.

As a school, we believe it is our responsibility to demonstrate our conviction to become a contributing part of the community while promoting better community outreach programs. It has been NIS’s mission to fully embrace our schoolwide learner goals and demonstrate what it means to be an open-minded, caring citizen. Through our student council and our IB program we ensure that our students and parents are all part of this greater focus. Each year NIS targets a community or school that needs our assistance. This year we partnered with the Apung Guidang Nepomoceno Elementary School.


Students prepare for the “Fun Run”


Parents and students joined in on the fun.

Recently, NIS embarked on its annual fundraiser, and as usual, we met with great success. The fundraiser was divided into two parts: the first was the Charity Concert. For the past five years NIS has partnered with the Lee Music Academy in South Korea to present a concert. Those talented students come to NIS and become part of our school community. Through this exchange program we are able to offer intensive English language classes that are part of the educational standards in Korea. While the music academy students were at NIS, they joined our chamber music ensemble for the Charity Concert held in the main gallery of the S&M Clark Mall Angeles City. Students of all ages were part of the performance that resulted in a spectacular event for everyone.


Starting the 3K run.


Always time for a good laugh.

The second part of the fundraiser was the annual Fun Run, a race to raise funds for the school’s target. The Fun Run was open to the whole community, which resulted in over 400 participants. This year’s Fun Run was divided into three sections—a 10K, a 5K, and a 3K. And for the younger children there was a 100-meter race that became one of the day’s highlights.

Through the Charity Concert and the Fun Run, NIS raised over $8,000 that was quickly put to good use. Using some of those dollars, IB students quickly became part of the cleanup crew at the Apung Guidang Nepomoceno Elementary School.

Trash was collected, overgrowth was cut away, and the building was redesigned. Through the efforts of those students, NIS was able to purchase new playground equipment, refurbish the dilapidated bathrooms, and create a fresh learning environment for the students at Apung Guidang Nepomoceno Elementary School.

It is not often that you find a school so committed to the wellbeing of its community. Through the efforts of the teachers, students have embraced their schoolwide learner goals and demonstrated their understanding through compassion and hard work. Through the support of the parents, NIS has become a greater part of the community, and our partnerships continue to grow. Noblesse International School stands proudly as a symbol of excellence in learning with its heart in the well-being of its community.

Published in ISS NewsLinks: Volume XXXII Number 3

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