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Clean the Beach

Brad McClain, Head of School, Ambatovy International School, Madagascar

ais-1.JPGEarth Day is an annual event celebrated internationally. First conceived in 1970, Earth Day has led to major US and international legislation to improve the environment of the planet Earth. One of the ways Earth Day was celebrated in Madagascar was with a collaborative event organized by the Ambatovy International School (AIS) Parent Activity Club and the Madagascar troupe of Canadian Girl Guides. ais-5.JPGCollectively, we had a great community turnout for a "Beach Clean-Up!" AIS serves the international population of Malagasy and expatriate children whose parents work for the Ambatovy mining enterprise. Their families live in their Management Housing Village, which is directly adjacent to a wide stretch of beach on the Indian Ocean.


ais-3.JPGMuch work went into preparing for the day. Garbage bags and work gloves were donated. Prior to the event, the children were provided training in safe beach clean-up techniques including what not to collect (fecal matter or sharp objects). Those were left to the adults. On the day of the event, one of the Girl Guide leaders ran a discussion on being good stewards of our environment and the meaning of "Earth Day." Then, the stretch of beach adjacent to the Tapakala MHV received a welcome cleaning. This group of students, parents, teachers and Ambatovy community members removed over 200LB / 91 KG of trash! It was a beautiful day made even more so by the positive environmental spirit of this group. Congratulations and Well Done!

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