Reflections from ISS President Liz Duffy

September 2017

Making a World of Difference


The ISS tagline was inspired by the work that ISS and other international school educators do day in and day out to educate students to become thoughtful and imaginative global citizens and leaders. One needs only to read a newspaper, watch TV, or follow social media to realize why the type of education provided at international schools is essential to our shared futures.  I hope and expect that international school graduates will help combat the nationalism, parochialism, hate and terror that unfortunately seem to be resurgent today in many parts of the world, including the United States. I’m also optimistic that the type of multicultural, interdisciplinary and experiential education that most international schools practice will prepare students well to help tackle the complex global issues that their generation will face, such as climate change, immigration and global trade.

For those of us who work in ISS’s home and regional offices, “making a world of difference” means serving the myriad needs of international schools and educators.

Among the services, ISS provides are:

  • Global Recruitment – Whether you’re searching for your next teaching opportunity, your first teacher leader position or your next headship, check out our state-of-the-art platform, extensive job listings, and personalized coaching support.
  • Professional Learning – From the latest in creativity, innovation, and design to carefully curated curricular resources to the science of learning, ISS has developed a variety of face-to-face, blended and online learning opportunities of particular relevance to international educators.
  • ISS Communities – We love seeing educators around the world share teaching strategies, discuss their practices, and even co-create teaching resources. We invite all international educators to join an ISS community and contribute to the dynamic conversations.
  • School Supplies - ISS combines new technology and old-fashioned customer care to help schools streamline purchasing, save money, minimize shipping paperwork and customs headaches, and most importantly equip teachers and students with the supplies they need in their classrooms. 
  • School Start-Up and Management ServicesISS has started and managed over 100 schools in the past six decades. Although ISS schools vary in size, location and mission, they all share a commitment to student-centered teaching, ongoing professional learning, and global understanding, and they all benefit from the myriad of ISS services, the expertise of experienced school leaders who serve as coaches and mentors, and the strong ISS community.

My ISS colleagues and I look forward to another year of serving the international school community and by extension nurturing the next generation who will “make a world of difference.” Happy New School Year for many of you and Happy Spring to those of you in the Southern hemisphere!