Reflections from ISS President Liz Duffy

August 2016

Leadership Transition at ISS Asia-Pacific

International Schools Service (ISS) is pleased to announce that Dale Cox, who since 2012 has been the Head of Shekou International School (SIS), will become Vice President, ISS Asia-Pacific starting in the 2017-18 school year. Dr. Cox has lived and worked in Asia for more than 15 years and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.  He worked for 25 years as a teacher and administrator in public education in the United States before becoming an international school administrator in Beijing in 2006.  Dr. Cox received a doctorate in educational leadership from Lehigh University, an M.Ed. in educational administration from Arizona State University, and a B.A. in history from Brigham Young University.

Dale Cox told colleagues, “I am honored to have a chance to continue with ISS in this new role.  International education is growing and transforming around the world and in the Asia-Pacific region in particular.  It will be an exciting opportunity to take on new responsibilities with the ISS team as we expand the organization’s contributions to education in these changing situations.”
Shekou International School is an ISS governed school, so ISS will launch a search for the Head of School position in early September 2016. The new SIS Head will begin his/her duties in the summer of 2017.

Dr. Cox will succeed Charles Gregory, who has worked with ISS in a variety of senior capacities since 1995; currently, Mr. Gregory is Vice President, ISS Asia-Pacific. For the past 30 years, he has been involved in international education, having served as Head of School in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Indonesia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Kazakhstan. In addition, while working for ISS, Mr. Gregory has started and overseen the development of many international schools around the world. He will now relocate to Europe to help develop and support the growing network of ISS schools. With his move to Europe, Mr. Gregory will have worked for ISS on every continent apart from Antarctica.

When Mr. Gregory was offered the chance to relocate to Europe, he commented, “I’m very pleased to have an opportunity to be based in Europe, to continue working with ISS colleagues around the world and to help ensure that the educational mission of ISS endures on all the world’s continents.”

ISS President Liz Duffy noted, “We’re very fortunate to have such seasoned educators as Dale Cox and Charles Gregory willing to assume new leadership roles with ISS.  Both have enormous integrity and school management experience which will ensure that ISS continues to work with our partners to develop high quality international schools and programs.”

Since 1955, ISS has been a nonprofit leader in international education.  ISS provides comprehensive, customized, student-centered services to schools and educators that exemplify best practices, catalyze innovation, foster collaboration, and connect educators around the world.  ISS is committed to creating and supporting world-class schools across the globe to help educate students become thoughtful, imaginative leaders and to promote global understanding.