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October 20 - 21, 2018

Rebecca O’Brien

Back by popular demand, this workshop is a two day practical dive into street art from around the globe! You'll explore stylisations, messaging and artists and then get practical with the three T’s of contemporary street art; tools, techniques and time to practice! You'll get hands on experience with a variety of mediums and tools and then “take to the streets” to leave your own statements, visions and images.

This workshop will remind you that sometimes, life is best lived outside of the comfort zone! No experience neccessary! Open to educators and the wider community.

Check out photos from our last graffiti event!

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Rebecca O’Brien

Rebecca O'Brien has always created art (drawings, oil paintings) for friends or family as a hobby. It was at the beginning of her second year in China (3 years ago) when a friend put a spray can in her hand and urged: “Just try it.” That was the moment when everything began to change. She started escaping to the [“de facto” legal] tunnels and underpasses around Shenzhen, often painting with other local and international graffiti writers and artists.

Rebecca has since also traveled to several countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, decidedly leaving her visions behind her as a footprint. Over the last two years, she has been increasingly commissioned by several local businesses (also in different countries) to apply spray paint or create murals or visual art pieces.

Rebecca signs most of her street pieces “NFN8” [NФN∞, “infinite]. Look for her artistic works on Instagram: @nfn888.

Since June 2016, she is project manager at an artist residency called “Jardin Orange” in northern Shenzhen that hosts amazing artists from around the world.