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What is the role of student leaders at your school? Do they manage, do “busy work,” or truly lead? How do you choose school leaders? What are their responsibilities? How do you help them develop the skills they need to have a significant, positive impact on your school community and the wider community around them? Start building a culture of student leadership today.

ISS Global Educator: Mike Weber

Mike Weber’s passion is joining with schools and organizations to develop young people into world-class, life-long leaders. After earning his degree at Cornell University, he founded Southwestern Consulting’s Leadership Institute to that end. For more than 20 years, Mike has partnered with some of the most prestigious schools in the United States. More recently, his clientele has expanded to include International Round Square schools. More than 100 independent schools and universities have found Mike’s style and message to be transformational – personally and professionally. His training is characterized by humor, storytelling, self-discovery and just plain fun!

Mike Weber

"“The quality of your school’s student leadership will define the quality of student life on campus. Leadership can be taught and it starts with building a culture that encourages real leadership and provides on-going training for those leaders.”"

Mike Weber, The Leadership Institute

Building a Culture of Student Leadership

Who gets to lead?

How are they chosen?

What do they do?

What’s your system for sustainability?

News & Resources

Building the Skills of a Leader »

Mike Weber explains that leaders must become masters of a few skills and competent at many.

Emerging Trends in Student Leadership »

During her tenure as Head Master at The Lawrenceville School, Liz Duffy analyzed the trends in student leadership.

Seven Questions for a Purposeful Life »

Mike Weber highlights the importance of preparation, especially for leaders.

What Do Leaders Do »

Who is a leader and what do they do?

The Universal Unwritten Rule »

Mike Weber identifies the universal unwritten rule! The rule we all know about, don’t talk about and makes the difference in how we live our lives.

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