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Level 5
Creativity &

A space to make, create, and innovate

In a century that moves so quickly and colorfully, the team here at ISS loves that creativity and innovation are now essential to every school and workplace. From 2015-2017, ISS acted on this love by collaborating with Shekou International School to create Level 5: a space to explore design thinking, project-based innovation, professional learning, the beautiful marriage of technology and teaching, and a myriad of other ways that make your classroom an even more powerful place.

There has never been a better time to be teaching and learning. All around the world, innovative schooling models are blurring the lines between home, school, community and industry. ISS is seeing universities create new admissions pathways, employers ditching degree and score requirements, and students engaging in high level entrepreneurial activities while at school. And as we’re seeing the world change, we grow all the more excited to see the community and educators use Level 5 to explode the traditional classroom model and explore learning innovation.

Explore. Then, explore more.

From coding robots to change leadership, Level 5 workshops are as diverse as the students, teachers, teams, and wider community that they serve. The Level 5 architecture itself also beckons users to think differently, with everything from sliding whiteboard doors, mirrored pillars, and open spaces ready to be transformed at the impulse of the hour.

Tools of the Trade.

Whether it’s 3D printers, Arduino Starter Kits, LittleBits Pro Library, Apple devices, textiles, vinyl cutters, Lego Mindstorms, coding software, heavy duty sewing machines, or boxes of techy miscellania waiting to be formed into something amazing -- Level 5 is stocked, loaded, and ready to go with worlds of creativity.

Change Leadership

Leading a small scale or institution wide initiative? We run alongside you to ensure all aspects of your learning environment, community, practice and vision are in ready to foster excellence.

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Stay connected

You don’t need to be in Shenzhen to experience great design. Level 5 hosts a virtual community of educators, a family of makers committed to rethinking how we think, teach, and learn. Through this network, ISS continues to bring to light research-based best practices, including the science of learning, global mindedness, and citizenship.

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Still thinking of questions? That’s a mindset we love.

For more about Level 5, just reach out to John Burns, Director of Creativity and Innovation.

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Traveling to Level 5

We're located at Shekou International School in Shenzhen, China. Our address is:

China, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Nanshan,
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