ISS Reads: Make it Stick

Join Today! Fall 2017 Online Book Club:
Monday, October 9th - Friday, December 8th 


How can current research about the science of learning inform day-to-day teaching and help students become more effective learners?

Cognitive science has been an area of intense study for well over 50 years but it has been only recently that its results have been translated in meaningful ways for use by classroom teachers.

The book, Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning, is one example of a powerful translation of this work. Written by a storyteller and two prominent cognitive scientists it summarizes in clear and engaging ways the most important research about how our brains make, store, and retrieve memories in a variety of learning contexts. It is a highly effective compendium of best-practice learning principles, some of which are counterintuitive!

ISS will host its first online book club for ISS educators, discussing the most important learning principles in Make It Stick, while helping teachers translate them for their own teaching practice.

The course will be moderated by the veteran teacher, Kevin Mattingly, who has taught graduate courses in cognitive science and its practical implications at Teachers College Columbia University for 13 years and been a teacher and administrator in a variety of school settings for over 35 years. He was also the lead content author for an edX MOOC about the science of learning.

The online discussion forums will provide the opportunity for participants to ask questions, share ideas and insights with others, and gain access to a wide array of teaching and learning resources. Dr. Mattingly will be actively involved throughout the nine weeks the course will be offered and he will be contributing examples and ideas for practical teaching strategies, and also be able to respond in meaningful and ongoing ways to the questions and comments of participants. Key video elements of the MOOC will supplement the reading and ensure participants are able to keep up with the material, even during busy weeks. 

Enrollment is free, but limited and first-come, first-serve. Register here by Wednesday, October 4th!