November 2016

ISS Strategic Plan

Liz Duffy, ISS President

“Making a World of Difference" is the new tagline for ISS. It was inspired by the work that international educators do day in and day out, guiding and mentoring students to become thoughtful and imaginative global citizens and leaders. One needs only to read a newspaper, watch TV, or follow social media to realize why the type of education provided at international schools is essential to our shared futures.

For those of us who work in ISS's home and regional offices, "making a world of difference" also means continuing to serve the myriad needs of international schools and educators. We recently completed a strategic plan that builds on ISS’s over sixty-year history serving international schools and reflects the evolution of both international schools and the broader world. Entitled “A Framework for the Future,” the plan identifies seven strategic priorities.

The plan, which will be implemented over the coming 2–3 years, includes strengthening ISS’s core services, establishing strategic partnerships, and launching new initiatives, all with the aim of best supporting international schools and educators. The easiest way to keep abreast of new developments is to follow and connect with the ISS community through Facebook and Twitter (@ISSCommunity and #ISSedu).

Thanks to the many of you who provided invaluable feedback as we developed the plan. We look forward to continuing to work with you to “make a world of difference.

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