International schools seek passionate leaders with an innovative educational vision and skill in managing organizational and stakeholder needs. For more than 60 years, ISS has recruited administrators at all experience levels, as well as guiding many from the classroom into an administrative role.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of administrative positions are available? Is prior overseas administrator experience required? Do I need a Doctorate?

Great leaders have questions. We have the answers.

Distinctive Qualities of ISS Recruiting Services

Limitless Access

Once you are an active candidate, you have complete access to our database of vacancies at hundreds of school around the world. Active members are also able to attend any ISS event free of charge – no invitation required and no limits on attendance!

Cutting Edge Tools and Technology

The ISS portal provides you with a host of tools to assist you in your job search, including detailed profiles for every school, salary/benefits info and the ability to upload and manage documents. Our innovative “Best Match” technology promotes your profile to international school recruiters and highlights you for open positions that match your background.

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We care deeply about the work we do and take pride in our exceptional customer service. Our team knows that the job hunt can be stressful, so when you need that personalized help during your journey, we are there by your side!

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ISS recruiting memberships are valid for two years or until you find a position overseas, but ISS participation goes far beyond this initial recruiting cycle. When you come on with ISS you are joining a community of educators with a purpose – making a world of difference.

ISS Membership Process

The investment to open a file for candidates new to the ISS community is $195. This membership is valid for two years or until you find a job overseas, whichever comes first. Returning ISS alumni pay $75 to renew their file.

We encourage our candidates to apply with us in the summer and early fall. Schools begin looking for new administrators early in the recruiting season, so these candidates have an advantage in creating an active profile, polishing their professional dossier and making sure everything is perfect when schools begin interviewing.

  1. 1 Before joining ISS:
  2. 2 Fill out the online application and submit all of your materials.
  3. 3 ISS will review your application to make sure you meet basic criteria, and then conducts a full review to prepare your profile for recruiters. The team will contact you with any questions as your application is reviewed.
  4. 4 Once you are approved, you are ready to begin the search! Use our online database to search for jobs or attend a job fair.
  5. 5 ISS will be there every step of the way to ensure the process runs smoothly, from the start of your application to your first day at your new school and beyond. Meet the team to find out who will be helping you in your search!
  6. 6 Whether you are near or far, stay involved in the ISS community. Attend one of our professional development opportunities or chat with us through our social media channels.
  7. 7 Embark on the experience of a lifetime!


Ready to lead an international school? Finding out is easy.

Schools generally prefer administrators who meet all of the criteria below. To become an ISS administrative candidate, you must have at least two of these:

  • An advanced degree in Educational Leadership/Administration
  • At least two years of experience as a successful school administrator
  • Administrative certification

In addition, an ideal administrative candidate possesses the following:

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • High-energy level
  • Sense of humor and adventure
  • Vision
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Collaborative leadership style

Documentation: Things You'll Need

ISS needs to receive your references via our confidential online evaluation form. The importance of your confidential references cannot be underestimated. Remember, as soon as you submit your application, your referees will be contacted. Let them know to expect our email.

You must provide contact information for at least three supervisors:


  • 1 At least one supervisor from your current position
  • 2 The remaining two references can be from positions you've held within the past seven years. Ideally, these people should have supervised you while you were in an administrative role.

To create a well rounded profile, we encourage all candidates to add as many references as possible. While three is the minimum, recruiters appreciate having a larger selection of references to consider.

If you have a spouse/partner who is not an educator, we require a Partner Statement. This document serves as your spouse/partner's introduction to international school recruiters. It is not a cover letter or resume. This document should be completed whether or not your spouse/partner will accompany you overseas. When you submit your application, our system will email your spouse a link to complete this form.

Copies of official transcripts can be scanned and uploaded. We request official transcripts of your highest degree earned.

Please upload all educator/administrator certifications from the Department of Education or government office in your State/Province/Country.

What supplemental materials can be included?

While these materials are optional, recruiters do enjoy viewing them to get a multifaceted sense of who you are.

  • Personal resume and reference list
  • Philosophy of education
  • Open letters of reference
  • Professional Profile Photo
  • List of specialized achievements and/or published works
  • YouTube, Animoto, or Prezi video (Check out videos prepared by other ISS alumni)

"…I extend my warm thanks and appreciation for your collective efforts with the Secondary School Principal’s search for our school… we were provided with a large candidate pool from which to work along with the necessary responsive and attentive ISS approach to the process throughout the journey…"

- Peter Nanos , Director General, Bahrain Bayan School

“…The entire Leman Manhattan Prep School community wants to thank you for your masterful facilitation of the successful search for our Upper School Head. Your guidance from the first time I contacted you to your offer of support after the position had been accepted, and every step in between, provided the necessary direction to make this a very positive experience. The obvious wisdom resulting from your experiences as accomplished educational leaders provided much credibility and great comfort to all members of our community. Experienced educators such as you both know the qualities and traits necessary for leadership and it is quite obvious that you were able to tailor this search to meet the demands of our growing and unique school…”

- Drew Alexander , Head of School, Leman Manhattan Preparatory School, NYC, USA

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