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Thanks for a great October iFair®!

October 16, 2017


Thank you to all the schools and candidates who joined us for a very successful iFair®! We connected our 150 attendees with over 470 chats, and saw recruiters representing schools from South Korea to Slovenia. What a way to kick off the recruiting season!

Our team was online (with coffee in hand!) at 7:30am, then connected throughout the 4.5 hour event. We had a blast representing ISS, supporting our candidates/recruiters, and in between, discussing as a team even more ideas we could implement in the future. We were the first to offer the iFair®, and in the years since we started, we've been so proud to see the many relationships they've built between schools and candidates. Join us on November 18 for the next iFair® of the season! 

Posted By: Laura Light