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Teacher Postcard: The Herrington Family

November 16, 2017

Scott and Susanne Herrington recently repatriated to Canada after 24 years of living and teaching in the Middle East. Those years abroad were filled with adventure, including raising their three children, climbing mountains, and leading classrooms. If you're looking for some inspiration, read their story here! 


As Scott says: "I've known many Canadian colleagues that have watched us live and work overseas and say, “Oh I couldn't do it” -- but I say, yes you could! Whether you do it for a couple of years, or you spend the better part of your career doing it, it's an absolutely incredible opportunity and one that you shouldn't miss. [...] In every corner of the planet, there's exciting possibility to grow in your profession and to make a positive influence."

Posted By: Aliisa Lee (Communications, friend of the GRT)