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Teacher Postcard: Hello from Chante and her family!

November 01, 2017

Chante-family-(1).jpgChante came to our 2017 San Francisco IRC with a dream of teaching abroad. A few days later, we were cheering and sending her off with a contract to teach in Beijing! Today, Chante and her three children (Tarayana, Michael, and Zariah) are settling into their new life in China. She recently caught up with Laura and sent a colorful family update, complete with pictures and stories about new foods, the kids' social lives, and the adventures they're uncovering as a family. I highly recommend reading her full update here!

On a related note: the GRT helps educators find positions abroad, but we know that's just the beginning of your stories. So please, keep sending those updates! We love getting email "postcards" and sharing in the excitement of ISS alum's stories. You're part of our big, global family! 

Posted By: Aliisa Lee (Communications, friend of the GRT)