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What happens Next? Continuing your Search!

February 28, 2018

Calling all questions! Early next week, we'll be recording a casual info session called "What Happens Next? Continuing your Search." During this hour, we'll be discussing the March 17 iFair and recruiting tips for this part of the season. We want to make sure this session gives the best support possible to our candidates -- please send the questions you want to hear answered!
Update, March 9, 2018
Here is the video! Join Dana, Christina, Rob, Dick, and Laura as they explore questions like "Is this the end of the hiring season? What do you suggest for those of us who can’t attend an in-person job fair? Can ISS provide feedback to help make me a better candidate? What advice can you provide to a newly certified teacher?" and more:


Find a full list of questions and respective timestamps in the video description on our Youtube page!

Posted By: Christina Eberhardt