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IRC tips from your fellow candidates

December 02, 2017

We're in Atlanta now, setting up for an awesome first IRC of the 2017-18 season! In anticipation, we asked for advice from past successful job fair candidates. They did not disappoint -- Brent Fullterton, who is now teaching in Jordan, even sent in his list of tips over a graphic (below)! Thanks to all of them, and all the best to this season's job fair candidates!

Brent-Advice.jpg"Reach out to all the schools you are interested in and also talk to schools that reach out to you! Don’t turn down any opportunities to have a conversation with recruiters, you never know what might come out of the conversation. :) And thank you cards for sure!" - Kanako Suwa, teaching in Vietnam

"Get to know the mission statement and the philosophy of the schools that you are interested in." - Idrissa Diallo, teaching in Myanmar

"We got our first job offer during the fair in Atlanta during the social! Please attend, remember to wear profesional attire and make connections. Good luck!" - Leticia Diallo, teaching in Myanmar

"Definitely know enough about the school so you can answer the question: "why do you see yourself as a good fit at our school." You should definitely be very specific and refer to the mission statement and/or programs you'd be teaching." - Kevin Mount, teaching in Kuwait

Carry extra resumes and don't forget the "thank you" cards for those who grant you interviews!!! Very important. Also, be sure to hang around the restaurant/bar area to wine and dine with possible heads of schools! No drinks required-just be visible and ambitious!  - Jeremy Greene, teaching in Shanghai


Our amazing ambassadors, left to right: Kanako, Brent, Idrissa and Leticia Diallo, Kevin, and Jeremy

Posted By: Aliisa Lee