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Welcome! We're the ISS Global Recruitment Team (GRT), the people helping educators find their dream teaching jobs in international schools. There's always something happening in our recruiting corner of the world, so this blog is where we share everything from event recaps to candidate dashboard tricks. Meet the team on our bio page! And if you have any questions as you read, just email us at

Teacher Postcard: The Herrington Family

November 16, 2017

Scott and Susanne Herrington recently repatriated to Canada after 24 years of living and teaching in the Middle East. Those years abroad were filled with adventure, including raising their three children, climbing mountains, and leading classrooms. If you're looking for some inspiration, read their story here! 


As Scott says: "I've known many Canadian colleagues that have watched us live and work overseas and say, “Oh I couldn't do it” -- but I say, yes you could! Whether you do it for a couple of years, or you spend the better part of your career doing it, it's an absolutely incredible opportunity and one that you shouldn't miss. [...] In every corner of the planet, there's exciting possibility to grow in your profession and to make a positive influence."

Posted By: Aliisa Lee (Communications, friend of the GRT)

Teacher Postcard: "ISS Sisters" Melanie and Nicole

November 07, 2017

postcard001.jpg Melanie is an ISS alumna and retired School Counselor with a rich history in international education: she attended an international school in Manila as a child, became a counselor in Japan and Indonesia, and raised her children abroad as well. We're grateful ISS got to be part of her international journey! Melanie reached out to us a few months ago, offering to share about ISS at presentation she was giving for the Oklahoma School Counseling Association about teaching/counseling overseas.

When Melanie was in Oklahoma for the presentation this past Thursday, she found a kindred spirit in the audience: Nicole, who had worked overseas at UNIS Hanoi (Vietnam) after finding her job via ISS! They called themselves the "ISS sisters" and came together after the presentation to send us this fun photo. We love how international education spans the world, yet also makes it a little smaller. Here's to the joy of two globe-trotting ISS alumni finding each other in Oklahoma!

Posted By: Laura Light

Webinar 3: What is an IRC?

November 04, 2017

What is an IRC? On Thursday, we joined Bruce, Dana, Jeremy, and Greg to learn everything there is to know about our in-person job fairs (also known as International Recruitment Conferences). Watch the recorded conversation below! It's jam-packed with great information, so we've also made the webinar slides available to download. Explore just what an IRC is, how you can best prepare, and how to make the most of your job fair experience once you're there.

We can't wait to bring together job-seeking educators and international school recruiters at these upcoming job fairs. The Atlanta IRC is in less than a month -- the team is busy preparing for it to be an amazing start to the season!

Teacher Postcard: Hello from Chante and her family!

November 01, 2017

Chante-family-(1).jpgChante came to our 2017 San Francisco IRC with a dream of teaching abroad. A few days later, we were cheering and sending her off with a contract to teach in Beijing! Today, Chante and her three children (Tarayana, Michael, and Zariah) are settling into their new life in China. She recently caught up with Laura and sent a colorful family update, complete with pictures and stories about new foods, the kids' social lives, and the adventures they're uncovering as a family. I highly recommend reading her full update here!

On a related note: the GRT helps educators find positions abroad, but we know that's just the beginning of your stories. So please, keep sending those updates! We love getting email "postcards" and sharing in the excitement of ISS alum's stories. You're part of our big, global family! 

Posted By: Aliisa Lee (Communications, friend of the GRT)

Did you know? The future is bright!

October 25, 2017

Ever wonder what the future holds for international schools and educators? As a team working in international teacher recruitment, we definitely do. :) ISC Research is the world leader in international school research and has tracked the K-12 English-medium international schools market for more than twenty years. They've also used their data to predict the growth of international schools!

So what will the opportunities look like for international educators in 10 years? This video we put together will show you!

Posted By: Christina Eberhardt

Thanks for a great October iFair®!

October 16, 2017


Thank you to all the schools and candidates who joined us for a very successful iFair®! We connected our 150 attendees with over 470 chats, and saw recruiters representing schools from South Korea to Slovenia. What a way to kick off the recruiting season!

Our team was online (with coffee in hand!) at 7:30am, then connected throughout the 4.5 hour event. We had a blast representing ISS, supporting our candidates/recruiters, and in between, discussing as a team even more ideas we could implement in the future. We were the first to offer the iFair®, and in the years since we started, we've been so proud to see the many relationships they've built between schools and candidates. Join us on November 18 for the next iFair® of the season! 

Posted By: Laura Light

Explore the Dashboard #2: Job Alerts

October 09, 2017

ISS candidates tell us all the time how much they appreciate the job alert feature of the dashboard. So today, let's take a look at setting up job alert emails for yourself!

This daily email delivers all the brand new jobs posted in the past 24 hours straight to your inbox every morning. You can select the positions you that meet your criteria, and you’ll see those at the top of the daily job alert email. If no jobs that meet your criteria are added in that 24 hours, you’ll still get the email, so you can keep on top of what’s going on in the world of international recruitment.

Posted By: Dana Zarrello

ISS Webinar #2: Taking Your Career Overseas

September 27, 2017

Teaching abroad is an amazing decision -- but we know every journey is better with the support of a team! In this September webinar, Dana and Laura explore what every educator applying abroad should know about: opportunities, qualifications, benefits, ISS support, and of course, where to get started.

You might hear the moderators referring to some technical difficulties during the hour, but don't worry! They are pros who handled it all gracefully, and this recording contains the complete, fantastic webinar.


Explore the Dashboard #1: Apply for that dream job

September 16, 2017

We'll be posting a series of short videos to showcase the ISS dashboard. It's a powerful tool, and we want our candidates to make the most of it! Today we look at the most basic, but maybe most important feature: how to apply for a job with ISS.


In your ISS dashboard, you can easily apply to positions all over the world. Go to the "Apply to a Job" page and select the positions that interest you. When searching, you can also filter by region of the world or events you will be attending -- this is particularly useful tool if you’ll be joining us at one of our world class job fairs! Once you submit, you'll find a list of jobs that fit your criteria. When you apply for a job, we recommend you follow up with an email to the recruiter, just as another means of letting them know your file is ready to review. And that's it! :)

Posted By: Dana Zarrello

ISS Webinar #1: Teaching Career Overseas

August 30, 2017

We had a great time hosting this webinar for a worldwide audience! Join Laura, Keith, and Bruce as they explore our five favorite reasons to teach abroad: the job security, opportunity to grow, adventure, teaching, and extra benefits of this career.


Posted By: Christina Eberhardt and Tajuan Hardee

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