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Making Schools Safer Around the World

Students only thrive in a safe school environment. So in the face of risks – everything from natural disasters to child predators – ISS is wholeheartedly dedicated to strengthening schools with trustworthy safety and security policies. Through partnerships, resources and consulting services, the ISS Compliance Division supports schools in building safer havens of learning and growth.

Our Partners

No one works alone when it comes to global school safety, security and sustainability. To bring you the best and most affordable consulting services, ISS partners with the world’s leading experts in Safety and Security. We are also very proud to be a founding and active member of the International Task Force on Child Protection.

Our Services

We assist with school safety so that educators can focus on what they do best: nurturing and teaching students. ISS supports classrooms around the world through simplified solutions, help identifying and mitigating school risks and assistance in maintaining compliance with high international standards.

Keeping Your School Safe

The ISS Compliance Department is committed to helping you keep your school safe. We will be publishing a series of articles about Child/Youth Protection. The first article, Safe Teachers, Safe Schools, focuses on recruitment best practices, including background checks and assessment recommendations.

Working With ISS for Compliance

Range of Services
Because we have seen a wide range of school risks – security threats, environmental and natural disasters, child predators, financial and compliance issues – ISS has developed a wide range of solutions. From child protection initiatives, to drafting a school pool safety plan, to writing up a nut allergy policy, ISS Child Protection and Compliance Division is a one-stop consolidation of resources for student and school safety, security and sustainability.

Personalized Resources & Cost Savings
As a non-profit for more than 60 years, ISS has dedicated itself to planting and cultivating flourishing international schools. We care deeply about the lives we serve, which is why our work in evaluating risks and security concerns will always be thoughtful and cost-conscious.

When teaming with ISS, expect us to:

  • Provide personalized responses for all your school risks related concerns  
  • Direct you to free available resources as available
  • Be considerate of cultural and international information in formulating responses
  • Explore your needs with assistance from ISS partners in safety and security
  • Negotiate best pricing available for all consulting arrangements
  • Oversee project exploration and management until everything is resolved satisfactorily

Safety in Numbers

  • ISS is able to offer such a wide range of resources because of the amazing teams we partner with. Our allies in School Safety and Security include:
  • ClearPath Emergency Planning Management
  • International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children
  • SecurTest Background Check Services
  • Breakthrough

What's Available

We exist to help you to identify and mitigate risks in your school environment, maintain compliance with international high standards in safety and security, and build the best environment possible for your young students.

Resources available to assist in:

  • Child/Youth Protection Initiatives
  • Background checks due diligence
  • Emergency and crisis planning
  • Program and security audits
  • School policies development
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Board Governance
  • Internal audits
  • Corporate and board policies and procedures,
  • General School Risk management

Getting Started

Do you have a question or concern related to child/youth protection, school safety or security, or any other school environment risks? The ISS Compliance department is ready to stand beside you. Just submit your question/concern via the attached client contact form and know that your matter will be handled with the utmost confidentially.


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What's Next

After you submit a form, an ISS Compliance representative will review your concern and reach out to you shortly afterwards. In some cases, we will be able to direct you to an easily accessible resource that addresses your concern free of charge!
Oftentimes, your concern requires more than a single response to be resolved. If your question or project initiative requires more extensive review and planning, you and your ISS Compliance Division Representative will strategically explore tailored resources and consulting services until we reach a solution.
Even after your issue is resolved, remember that we are by your side. And we are ready for the next opportunity to help make any school safer!

Frequently Asked Questions

ISS Compliance Department was established in 2009 to implement the organization’s internal audit program, good governance practices, as well as to oversee the management of risks, safety and security for the organization and its affiliated schools.  The Department has since grown to provide schools around the globe with tailored assistance in all facets of risk management, best practices and due diligence considerations, development of internal controls, and addressing various compliance and school safety and security issues.

The wellbeing and safety of students is the main priority in all of our schools.  ISS Compliance Department can assist schools in all facets of school safety and risk management, including helping schools to build and maintain a comprehensive child protection program that also adheres to accreditation standards.  ISS has partnered with experts in their field to procure reliable background checks, safety and security audits, and employee training on various compliance issues.

The Compliance Department helps the organization and international schools to identify, assess, mitigate and manage risks.  Areas of concentration include general school risk management, child/youth protection standards, assistance with background checks, recruitment best practices, and other school safety and security best practices.

The Compliance Department at ISS wears many hats and has to be available to assist whenever and wherever needed—in both times of helping schools manage an unexpected crisis to general day-to-day school management issues.  A busy season or down time does not exist in the Compliance world.  The Department could handle general due diligence inquiries one day, and help out an international school with a complex risk management issue the next day.

The Compliance Department has to be able to assist schools on many different levels and areas, including assessing the potential impact of cultural and international law implications.  We also work with schools internationally while not always being “physically present” to assess the situation.  Our goal is to provide the best, comprehensive information in a timely matter whether it is through skype calls, conference calls or e-mails to make our schools feel safe and secure.

News & Resources

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ISS is committed to children’s safety and well-being; we continue to support child protection through training and systematic implementation of best practice policies and procedures.

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With foresight and significant investment, this collective effort is creating positive, sustainable change in schools – truly achieving cultures of child protection – based on and leveraging the shared wisdom and experience of the group.

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Best Practices for Safety

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