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Tech for Teaching

Blaine Atkins Grade 11 Student, Brent International School Manila, Philippines


Excitement was in the air September 29, 2016, as the Geek Squad set off on another Tech for Teaching trip. It aimed to fill local elementary school classrooms with computers and introduce many children to technology. We set off for Ganado Elementary, a school about ten minutes from Brent, which will soon have a computer in each classroom. As Geek Squad members boarded the bus, there was debate about topics ranging from computer hardware to math tests to, of course, penguins. It seemed appropriate as one of the computers we were installing was named “Penguin Lisa”.


Upon arriving at the school, everybody had something to do. Members were divided into groups, then each group grabbed a computer, and it was off to different classrooms to install them. Across the school, Geek Squad members faced countless foes: cords that were too short, electrical outlets that didn’t fit, and a camera plugged into a headphone jack that caused both the camera and speaker to malfunction. (Who says IT work isn’t exciting?) But with a pair of pliers and some creative thinking, Geek Squad members emerged victorious, and all nine computers were installed.


The real joy from the excursion, though, was seeing the kids. With approximately 350 kids at the school, each one seemed delighted to see us, and in some classrooms they started using the computer right after it was set up. Seeing how excited the students were to learn math on the computer, I am confident the computers will continue to be a wonderful tool for learning.


Content with the day’s work, Geek Squad members said their goodbyes and boarded the bus for the trip home. We have now filled three schools with a total of forty computers used by one thousand kids daily. But the Geek Squad’s work is never done. It’s time for us to start collecting donations and repairing more computers for our next target school: Platero Elementary. With a little work, we’ll be ready to repeat the cycle, filling more schools around Biñan. Let’s go!

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Published in ISS NewsLinks: Volume XXXII Number 2

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