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Nido de Aguilas Joins Prestigious Ashoka Changemaker Network

Courtney Kupersmith, Communications Officer, Office of Advancement and Enrollment, Nido de Aguilas, Chile

The International School Nido de Aguilas was recently named an Ashoka Changemaker School. This is a prestigious international designation, and Nido went through a rigorous evaluation process to earn the honor.


Ashoka Fellows 2016
PHOTO CREDIT: Loquenoves Fotografia

Ashoka Changemaker Schools enable all students to become changemakers—young people who have the skills and confidence to solve our modern world’s most complex problems for the good of all. The Changemaker School Network is a global community of over 250 leading elementary, middle, and high schools that prioritize empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and changemaking as student outcomes. Schools like Nido are leading a transformation in education that supports children to be individuals with the skills and connections that enable them to take the initiative to effectively solve problems and drive positive change.

Nido was applauded for our mission and core values that foster all of our students to become empathic and innovative changemakers. Our core values of happiness, engagement, adaptability, ingenuity, and generosity are seen at every level and division at Nido as well as in our staff, faculty, alumni, and parents. Nido has found that cultivating these values creates an environment in which it is natural to understand others and to seek solutions to life’s challenges.

On November 23, 2016 Nido shared our approach to education with the Ashoka community at an event welcoming the new fellows and Changemaker Schools to the network. Presenting for Nido were Dr. Ralph Maurer, Headmaster; Francisco Sanchez, President of the Board of Directors; Andrea Benasus, Nido alum and Admissions Associate; and Nido students Diego Elizondo and Agustina Donaldson. Francisco Sanchez opened with Nido’s long history that goes back to the original documents in which Dr. Stevenson, Nido’s founder, stated that he believed all children have the right to the best education regardless of their nationality, race, religion, or economic status. Dr. Stevenson’s educational philosophy also emphasized the importance of learning by doing and of educating our students in a way that will generate positive change. Dr. Maurer and Ms. Benasus detailed Nido’s important core values and then introduced the student speakers, the true examples of the Nido Way.

Agustina (Grade 6), spoke of her experience visiting Hogar San Francisco de Regis, a home for at-risk girls who have been abused or neglected. Agustina and her classmates spent time at the home to make authentic connections with the girls and find the best way to help. Together, the Nido students and residents of San Francisco de Regis took action to make the hogar a happier place to live by painting a cheerful mural over the graffitied front of their home. Agustina spoke of how beautiful the moment was when she saw the girls smiling with pride at making a difference.

Diego Elizondo (Grade 12) exemplified the Nido values of engagement and ingenuity with his presentation about EMPREDIL. Diego leads the Chile chapter of EMPREDIL, an organization founded in Mexico by young people who are focused on inspiring their peers to take action from an early age through social entrepreneurship and leadership conferences. EMPREDIL encourages and teaches younger generations to be excellent leaders for now and the future. Students in EMPREDIL are currently planning a conference that would take place at Nido de Aguilas on March 23 and 24. The conference would feature a total of six speakers from Chile, Mexico, and the United States.

Through everything we do at Nido, our goal is to create a culture that fosters within the students the intrinsic motivation, the understanding, the skills, and the empathy to become positive changemakers throughout the rest of their lives, wherever they go and whatever they choose to do. We thank Ashoka for recognizing our extraordinary community.

Published in ISS NewsLinks: Volume XXXII Number 2

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