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Career Day at Vision International School

Heather Lyttle, Counselor, Vision International School, Qatar

In the spirit of the Human Development Pillar of Qatar Vision 2030, students are groomed to be lifelong learners and members of Qatar‘s educated leadership. In support of Qatar‘s vision, Vision International School hosted its first annual Career Day on May 19, 2016, exposing students to potential career opportunities. In celebration of this unique experience, students were asked to dress in clothing that reflected their career dream.

VIS1.jpgCommunity professionals from the Civil Defense, Police, and Hamad Ambulance Service presented the early childhood and elementary students with real life emergency demonstrations. The elementary students explored new activities through engaging, team-building exercises that helped them acquire problem-solving skills and build confidence.

VIS2-(1).jpgParent volunteers and community leaders shared their professional career paths with the middle school students, offering students reallife examples of professionals who succeeded academically and professionally through dedication to their learning and personal goals. The students gained insights into career choices and how to prepare for the future. This was particularly helpful to our ninth grade students in preparation for high school and postsecondary education.

As VIS develops as a school, its student programs will grow towards the goal of creating future leaders in Qatar and around the world. The first Career Day was just a beginning, to be followed by more expansive opportunities for VIS students to experience the world of work and life. That is what a real education is all about!

Published in ISS NewsLinks: Volume XXXII Number 1

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