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Global Recruitment Roundtable 2: NYC Job Fair and PD
January 26, 2018 - 3PM EST


With the February 8-11 New York job fair around the corner, now is the time to bring your questions to the Global Recruitment Roundtable! On Friday, January 26 from 3-4pm EST, join us for a fun, free, hour-long live Q&A webinar. We'll be there to chat about the New York Job Fair, Professional Development Day, and all the recruiting-event questions that have been on your mind. You can also send us your roundtable questions in advance to!

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The hour will be led by Dana Zarrello, Christina Eberhardt, Lisa Lupico and Megan Chin of the Global Recruitment Team. Our goal for this Roundtable is to answer as many questions as possible from educators planning to attend the NYC fair. However, if you have have general questions about international recruitment, just email them to so we can help you out there.

Start thinking of your recruiting event questions, and join us at the roundtable!

Left to Right: Lordedana, Tajuan, Christina, Megan, Megan, Laura, Allyson, Pats, Dana, Lisa, and Anna

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