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Thanks for an amazing 2016/2017 season of recruiting events!

Aliisa Lee, ISS Communications

This season, our team traveled over 25,000 miles for our job fairs -- and every mile was worth it! Our international recruitment conferences in Atlanta, Bangkok, and San Francisco brought together an amazing 300+ international school recruiters and 600+ teachers, librarians, administrators, and counselors ready to teach abroad. We could not be prouder of these events: we connected outstanding candidates and school administrators, saw beautiful cities, pioneered a new partnership with Teach Away...and best of all, we saw smiles like these:

Oh the places you'll go! 

Since 1955, International Schools Services has faithfully worked to help more than 40,000 teachers, administrators, librarians, and counselors find their dream jobs in schools all over this big, beautiful world. ISS is proud to be the leading non-profit in international recruiting, but we don’t take our history for granted. We're working harder than ever, and we think our events show it. We hope you enjoy this recap of this season's job fairs!

Getting Ready for Launch


This year, our international recruiting fairs took place at three very distinct hotels: the charming Westin Buckhead in Atlanta, the elegant Shangri La in Bangkok, and the hip, Escher-like Hyatt in San Francisco. A few days before the event officially starts, our Global Recruitment team flies in and transforms the hotel meeting spaces into our own ISS offices and lounges.


Neatly arranged candidate folders, just waiting for their teachers

We unload boxes, arrange tables, trim name tags, put out little chocolate globes, and with time and effort, have created the perfect space for candidates and recruiters to come together. 

Check in


On event check-in days, we welcome a steady stream of attendees from all over the world and specializing in different subjects. We run two main offices for them: one for our job-seekers (teachers, administrators, counselor, librarians and all other candidates) and another for recruiters (international school leaders seeking to fill vacancies in a variety of subjects and content areas). Both offices keep us busy! 


While waiting to check in, a recruiter with excellent reading taste peruses the ISS Newslinks

We greet attendees with folders, name tags, and information about how the job fair will run, while also providing general support. Pre-event jitters are completely normal for everyone, from a well-traveled teacher looking for her fifth overseas assignment, to a librarian who has never lived outside his home country. And we can only imagine the pressure our recruiters face to find the perfect next member of their school staff! Our ISS team is there to encourage everyone during the rollercoaster of the next few days.

Pats McWilliams provides expert advice to conference attendees

And even though the job fairs keep everyone busy, we like to remind people to step outside the hotel when they can! These events take place in some beautiful cities, so soaking in the sights shoud be part of the IRC experience. 

You might find a cheery marching band San Francisco!

School Presentations


School presentations are perfect thirty-minute opportunities for recruiters to showcase their school. Candidates are free to attend any and all presentations that interest them - we’ve had candidates decide to attend a presentation on a whim, have their interest piqued, and days later, and leave the conference with a job for that school! 

After a busy day of check-in and school presentations, our candidates gather for orientation. At our San Francisco conference, we also featured a panel of seasoned international school educators and recruiters who spoke on everything from binding contracts to bringing your cat abroad.

Candidates getting advice about teaching abroad

After the official presentation, a small crowd gathered around the panelists with questions and comments. But most people headed back to their rooms to get ready for a busy day of interviews! 

A candidate still getting wisdom from Rose Puffer, Head of the International School of Islamabad

Interview Sign-Up - We Have Liftoff!


About thirty minutes before the ballroom doors open, there’s a hum in the morning air. In Bangkok, candidates formed a long snaking queue through the upstairs atrium. In San Francisco, a large group clustered in front of the tall doors, waiting. Inside the ballroom, recruiters prepare the room for the dance we call ‘interview sign-up’.

Ready and waiting

When the hour arrives and the doors finally open, everyone pours into a room lined with school stations and recruiters. Candidates find the schools they are interested in, chat with the recruiter, and if both parties want to move forward after a brief conversation, set a time for a longer interview later in the day. After a friendly parting handshake, the candidate moves through the ballroom to find another potential match. 


So many handshakes going around the room

Interviews - Your Time to Shine

After the main sign-up session is completed, the conference schedule is much more free-flowing. Throughout the day, candidates and recruiters meet around the hotel for informal conversations, formal meetings and private interviews. Before the sun sets on Interview Sign-Up day, some candidates will already have job offers in hand and contracts signed!

In our candidate and recruiter offices, our ever-present team helps give teachers advice on how to weigh their choices. Both the ISS Global Recruitment team and our broader ISS executive staff are ready to help candidates and recruiters navigate the sea of international recruitment.

An ISS power team, ready to help candidates.  
L to R: Liz Duffy, ISS president, Laura Light ISS Director of Ed Staffing and Beth Pfannl ISS Vice President, Administrative Searches


Candidate/Recruiter social: Wine and Dine


Food and friends and international recruiting -- what could be better?

At our evening social, candidates and recruiters alike take a break from formal interviewing and relax over a glass of wine. It’s fun, plus a great networking opportunity - when else will you find a room full of school recruiters from all over the globe, all happy to chat with you over a plate of hummus?

Enormous as the world is, the international school community is surprisingly small and tight-knit. Chances are, a connection and bridge built through one conversation at an ISS job fair could help somewhere down the road when you’re ready for your next move. The more people you know in the family, the better! 


Also, we have a photographer who will take pictures of you trying to eat!

Why We are Here

The closing days are our team’s absolute favorite. We’ve become our attendees' cheerleaders through all the interactions and conversations shared during the job hunt. So when a teacher comes into the candidate office with a smile and a signed “position acceptance” form, we feel like we’re headed on the adventure too!

We're cheering on Jeremy...

...Nina and Colin, Tina, and ...


Teacher-collage-longer22.jpg...a whole host of educators who are ready to take on the world!

There are career paths that allow for months of research and multiple visits to the location before taking a job.  And then there are career paths where you're offered a job on a continent you’ve never been to, and after several days of interviewing, networking, doing research in a hotel lobby on your phone, you take the job beaming with excitement for the adventure ahead. It’s the crazy and beautiful lifestyle of teaching abroad!

Wrap-up: See you next time!


As the event closes and candidates check out, the ISS team takes down the office, packs up our supplies, and jumps on another plane home. 

Christina, Tajuan, Ashley, Dana, Megan, and Aliisa hope to see you next time!

When we’re back in the ISS Princeton headquarters, we continue to help our candidates, and get ready for the next season of events!  Led by Laura Light and featuring the awesome Christina Eberhardt, Tajuan Hardee, Loredana Lipari, Pats McWilliams, Megan Skrobacz, Allyson Wilcox, Ashley Wotowey and Dana Zarrello, the ISS Global Recruitment team put in hours of work, attention, and pure love to make sure the ISS job fairs run smoothly. Fortunately, we’ve been in this business for over sixty years and our teachers mean the world to us, so we have it down pretty well. 

Ready to join us next season? We've announced the dates and locations already! We're pretty excited for them, so we hope you launch your overseas teaching abroad career with us in Atlanta, Bangkok, or New York City.  

See you then!

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